Warm Pie & Beads

  • Workout Date - 04/18/2017
  • Q In Charge - Houdini
  • The PAX - Latka, Wambach, Pusher, Flay, Crash, Shin Squints, Better 1 Better 2, Aflac, PENIS, Earth Mover, Caviar, Stewie, Houdini, Stem Cell, Domer
  • AO -

15 went hunting for Richard Simmons & Sponge Bob, both reported missing & being held hostage by a type of sack…

Gloom Observations – I didn’t know who Abby Wambach was until today, but I can see she likes beer and women so we’d probably get along just swell.  Crash told me he was wearing American Flag nut huggers, he’s the most gangster 60 year old I’ve ever met.  Aflac hasn’t done a merkin since 2015 when the Tank Yard was thriving with 4 people, that’s also the first and last time he has ever had to shave.  If you’re looking for a good accountant to do your taxes in 2018, see Shin Squints.  Earth Mover was good and schwetty, smiling the whole time because he loves running.  I’m fresh off a trip to Punta Cana where I tried to may sauce like a boss, but the wife reminded me it was a 10 year anniversary and not our honeymoon #canitouchyourboob

Warm up:
½ cup of Joe and 4:50AM deuce, slammed 6 Cheez-its to cleanse the palate

The Taint:

Mosey around the GNews down to McDaniel, stopped at the airplane and came back across the suspension bridge, doing a mixture of the below:

Merkins X a bunch

Mountain Climbers X a bunch




Russian Twist




In & Outs

Naked Moleskin:

Prayers for Lilly, young lady with cancer coming back around

PENIS’ cousin, who suddenly lost feeling in lower body

Jack A Lope – Flay

Mud Run – F3 Nation

Smokey Relay – Caviar


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