War Daddy Throws Down The 'Gluten' Gauntlet

  • Workout Date - 09/14/2015
  • Q In Charge - Gluten
  • The PAX - Keystone, Swift, Tiny Dancer, Brown Shorts, Boomhauer, Gauge, Youkillis, Mr. Burns, Quaker, Flowrider, Inspector Gadget, Domer Simpson, Stem Cell, Missing, Seal, Duplo, Whoopi, Carl's, Jr. & YHC, Gluten
  • AO -

After 45 minutes, 500 plus calories burned, and a little better than 2 miles covered  – 19PAX got better with a downPAINment that delivered… DELIVERED WHAT? So much that WD meant more than YHC just being “War Daddy”… YHC was also “weinke dependent“! Don’t pre-judge me just yet. Wait until you are well into your 54th orbit around the sun on Spaceship Earth. But really Gluten, a gauntlet? Well… that’s not the result of the exercises YHC brought as much as it is the result of an AWESOME AO called The PowderKeg which BTW is going to get better… more about that later. First, let’s be sure that those who missed out on Monday’s sub fifty degree conditions (to remain in their comfort zone) getting their sad clown beauty rest, at least have the opportunity to appreciate what went down for The throw down of the ‘Gluten’ Gauntlet…


  • Mountain Climbers, IC X12; Mericans, IC X 9
  • Imperial Walkers, IC X 12; Mericans, IC X
  • Prisoner Squats, IC X12; Mericans, IC X 9
  • Side Straddle Hop, IC X 12; Mericans, IC X 9
  • Crab Cakes, IC, X 12; Mericans, IC X 9


Okay, now that the PAX got in 105 reps, YHC requested PAX to count off beginning with Gauge. YHC got them to line up in the order they counted off and put the 1st of 2 water jugs in Gauge’s hands and the 2nd of 2 jugs in Domer’s hands who was about 7 spots behind Gauge. This was all in preparation for an…

INDIAN RUN w/ Dual Water Jug Pass

Then  YHC instructed the PAX to take an Indian Run around the rectangle shaped footprint of the church and main parking lot while passing the jugs toward the rear. Once the jug hits the six, this brother sprints to the forward position starting the jug pass again. This continues until PAX reach the lowest corner of the parking lot the for the second time.

DORA 1 – 2 – 3

Two PAX partner together to reach cumulative exercise goals of 100, 200, and 300 reps. PAX 1 executes as many reps as possible while PAX 2 sprints 100 yards up to the corner of the church and back down for the switch out. The three exercises get the best of the chest, core and legs or…

  • Mericans, 100
  • LBCs, 200
  • Squats, 300

While waiting on the six, the PAX planked up in prep for a short mosey over to the bottom third tier of steps for some…

  • Smokin’ Joe Hendricks with Karaoke on pavement between steps before finishing up at the front entrance of the church. The PAX again planked up while waiting on the six before we displayed our best…
  • Superman Pose with hands and feet off the ground. Finally, YHC commenced a slow countdown from 5 for a…
  • JAILBREAK to the Shovel Flag for…


  • Dollies, IC X15
  • Rosalita’s, IC X 15
  • Heels2Heaven, IC X 15
  • Pretzel Crunch, R2L, IC X 15
  • Pretzel Crunch, L2R, IC X 15
  • Erectors, IC X 15…. we’re done 6:16am


No FNGs, all veterans… September 26 Easley launch at Old Market Square 0700… launch of a new AO in Greenville similar to Anderson’s Haven Of Rest The Farm & Haven Town… Fall Mudrun sign-ups extended… Successful BRR… Upgrade to F3App released… Prayers for Domer Simpson & M going through adoption hearing this week… Toolman for medical procedure… Brown Shorts & his M as they strive to meet needs of daughter going through hearing loss… Inspector Gadget’s church pastor search… Family Promise of Pickens County ministering to families without homes – opportunity coming up in October for Trinity Point to keep up to four families for a week… Praise for Trinity Point welcoming new pastor, Tracy Turner “F3 Padre”… Quickie & M’s new twin boys and their big brother… YHC prayed us out thanking GOD for providing us the opportunity to get better and to share with other sad clowns how though sacrifice & sharing in the downPAINment in the gloom with others can experience life asGODimagines. Don’t settle for less. See you in the gloom! Gluten out.



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