Walk the Walk

  • Workout Date - 12/02/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Earthmover, Crash (WD), Caviar, Drama Queen, Latka, Stewie, Cutina, San Diago, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, PETA, Iceman, FNG Jeff - Booger
  • AO -

12 men, including one not so average FNG, planted the virtual shovel flag at #MainThang for a not so average workout.

So as we assembled in front of the peace center this morning, I saw @Earthmover go over to a man and attempt a #BillyZane. Not that uncommon, as I’ve seen it many times before. Jeffery joined us and we quickly realized this was not your typical #BillyZane. Jeffery had a backpack with him and readily told us he was homeless. WOW, talk about perspective. The next 45 mins saw Jeffery (Booger) give all he had and @EarthMover minister to him as he taught Booger the “ropes” of F3. A little more on this later…..

The Thang

SSH x20
Merkins x10 (slow ct cadence)
Nut Crackers x10 (think dolly but crossing legs as they come together) @Latka named them quite appropriately

Mosey to the Bowater garage. Wait, @Earthmover and @Booger were still out front of the Peace Center. Looked like @Booger was unsure if he wanted to continue the workout. We circled back to get them. Not sure what was said but @Booger stashed his backpack and continued with us for the rest of the workout.

So down through PC Amphitheater we go, under Main St and to the garage. As we ran under the Main St. bridge, here comes @Booger, surging to the front of the group. Clearly his adrenaline pumping now.

Into the garage and I explain how this particular escalator will work.

Perform an exercise, then run up the steps (2 flights) then run down the ramp a level, then do more exercises. Not sure if my explanation was poor or if @SanDiago was still a little sleepy. #hadtoexplainit3times #Illgivehimthebenefitofthedoubt
Lvl 1 – 5 hand release merkins, run up 2 flights of steps and down the ramps
Lvl 2 – 5 HR merkins, 10 squat jumps, up steps and down ramp
Lvl 3 – 5 HR merkins, 10 squat jumps, 15 debbie’s, up steps and down ramp
Lvl 4 – 5 HR merkins, 10 squat jumps, 15 debbie’s, 20 nut crackers run all the way back down and start over
Lv1 1 – 5 HR merkins, 10 squat jumps, 15 debbie’s, up steps and down ramp
Lvl 2 – 5 HR merkins, 10 squat jumps, up steps and down ramp
Lvl 3 – 5 HR merkins

@Booger provided lot’s of #mumblechatter. He took time to rest (as you’d expect) but would come back strong on the next lap or set.

Mosey to the Wyche Pavilion and grab an I-beam. As everyone was getting in place, @Latka called it – Dragon Flags (as well as peoples chair). #GuessImpredictable
Peoples Chair x45 sec, then 10 dragon flags
PC x60 sec, then 15 dragon flags
PC x75 sec, then mosey to the rails

Partner up
P1 – 10 supine pullups
P2 – hold 6″
flapjack and repeat for 4 sets

Mosey thru the amphitheater, broad jumping up the steps then moseying back to the flag.

Derkins x10 (slow ct cadence)
Freddy Mercury’s x15 (slow ct cadence)
Rosalitas x15
Back scratchers x15

@Booger left us during 6MOM but returned for COT

Naked Moleskin
– Wow, not your everyday, run of the mill workout.
– It was awkward at times as @Booger’s #mumblechatter alternated between incoherent and obscene.
– Great work again by @Crash. #doublerespect for that man in his early 60’s
– Glad that @DramaQueen from #Dash joined us.

The old saying goes “if you’re gonna Talk the Talk, you better Walk the Walk”. We saw that first hand today. We talk a lot about how F3 is open to all men (and it truly is) but there is very much a stereotypical male that works out with F3. We talk about male community leadership and “making a difference”. Well, we saw it first hand today. @Earthmover convinced @Booger to workout with us and then coached, encouraged and mentored him for the entire workout. It was awesome to watch. Then we find out that @Booger is not only homeless, he’s battling addiction and appeared to be battling some pychosis (based on his #mumblechatter). Very proud to call @Earthmover a friend and brother, no more so than this morning. That’s the true example of a #HIM. @EarthMover and I talked with @Booger post workout, just to let him share his story and encourage him to post again this Thursday.

And if you happened to see this tweet from @Earthmomver, now you know “the rest of the story”…

<img src="

” alt=”EM tweet” />

We’ve partnered with Gideon’s House for close to a year now. And we’ve seen great things come from the partnership and the men of that program. This was a different situation (not surprisingly, I suppose). Looking back on how the workout ended, I wonder should we have done more for @Booger. Not in a “I’m feeling guilty” kind of way but more of – I wasn’t sure what else we should have / could have done. So there seems to be an opportunity for education on our part. If we truly are going to be leaders of the community, we need to educate ourselves and be ready for the next time we encounter someone in @Booger’s situation. After all, we are all only one bad break, one bad decision from finding ourselves in @Booger’s shoes.

See ya in the gloom….


3 thoughts on “Walk the Walk”

  1. Affordable Care Act

    Aye, Iceman. Very proud to know you, Earthmover, and countless other #HIM through F3. I say it may be time to meet some men where they are. If not for a workout, for a subtle EH to let them know we aren’t a closed fraternity. #GiveItAway is not meant to be only comfortable. We might have to get uncomfortable like EM this morning to find a deeper impact to our community.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Iceman (your name meant something different to Booger). Hard not to #billyzane someone doing pushups at 5:15 am. A weird day to be sure but very enlightening on many levels. Hopefully we made a small difference today that can maybe help him going forward. There is a whole other world in Greenville that we never see but we got a glimpse of it today.

  3. Thanks for the warm welcome and the memorable workout. YHC thought everyone handled the situation well – encouraging and inviting. We can always do more but just being there is the first step. We have workouts at Samaritan Inn and Rescue Mission in W-S. Not a lot of participation yet but F3 has been impactful for a few.

    Great AO and great workout Iceman. Come join us in the Dash anytime

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