Wait What?!

  • Workout Date - 03/21/2015
  • Q In Charge - Blue Hawaii
  • The PAX - Playdoe, Grrr, Wally
  • AO -

4 Pax decided to better themselves with YHC at #thestation for a brisk Spring morning!


Sshx 20
Mountain climbers x15
Merkins x 10

The main thang

YHC and the pax went for a 20 minute off site run with pain stations included. Pain stations consisted off big boy sit-ups, circle of merkin, and dragon Merkins. YHC and the pax headed back to the station for an introduction of yoga?! Wait What..are you for real?! YHC lead the pax through 25 minutes of fast paced ashtanga sun salutations. Tons of sweat and hard breathing. The Pax now have a new found respect for Yoga! YHC then grabbed the rope for some shoulder work. While one pax goes through the 40 reps the others are calling out core,Merkins,etc..

The pax finished up with one minute of bench knee ups and derkins! Everyone is smoked!
Freddy Mercury

Prayers and announcements
-Mud run April 11th

Men it’s always a pleasure to lead such a great group! This morning was especially fun with the 2nd F that a small group brings! See you all in the gloom soon!

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