VQ, Cheetah, and Spandex

  • Workout Date - 12/16/2014
  • Q In Charge - Updyke, Harvey
  • The PAX - Grim Reaper, 1040, Turbo Tax, Satisfry, Latka, Libor, Holla, Posh Spice, Double Windsor, Earth Mover, Sponge Bob, Castaway, Risky Business, Updyke (QIC)
  • AO -

13 pax (cubs) came out to help YHC (Cheetah) celebrate his VQ and Fantasy Football defeat with a Main Thang pouncing.  We were blessed with a cold and wet setting that was warmed up with a lot of laughs, sweat, and air humpers. I assure you that no trees were harmed…

SSH x 25
IW x 20
Air Humpers x 20

The Thang
Based on the YHC’s outfit there was not question of whom to follow.

Mosey down the peace center’s steps over to the parking deck by the Bowater building.

Partner up for Dora: Running up the incline to level 2.

100 x merkins; 200 x squats; 300 x LBCs; 300 x Flutters (single count); 200 x shoulder touches; 100 x Air Humpers.

People’s chair once finished

Mosey over to the small bridge by Wyche Pavilion then in two lines lunge walk across. Followed by some inclined merkins x 25.

Mosey to rails for pullups x 25

Mosey to Wyche pavilion for people’s chair. Tried to count off in Espanol to Sesenta (60) but no Bueno.

Dips x 30

Mosey back home for some Derkins against Peace Center.

Mary – led by 5 pax & YHC (Cheetah)
Russian Twists – Turbo Tax
Freddie Mercury – 1040
LBCs – Libor
Plankorama followed by circle of pain Merkins; 5 per pax in order around the circle. – Grim Reaper

Billy Brice’s (Dying Cockroach) – Satisfry

Air Humpers – Cheetah

Drifter 6K – Early February – sign up

Red, Light, and Blue – January

F3 Connect – Thursday @ 11:30, Palmetto Ale House – Speaker: Scuba Steve

Prayers for Earth Mover’s mom and uncle. His Aunt passed away.

Prayers for Cadre Joe Warner and family.

It was an honor to lead the Pax this am.


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