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  • Workout Date - 02/23/2024
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(Editor’s note: this cause positively affects both the men of the CRM and F3’s Charlotte regions. The stories shared by the men who volunteer make this worth your quick click and vote. Thanks for reading this note from Carrier. -AP.)

The Charlotte Rescue Mission submitted F3 and what they have done with the Mission I’m Possible workout at the Rebound men’s facility to a contest that Masterbuilt sponsors for charities they support.  The F3 men who post to Mission I’m Possible have the greatest impact on the residents in the program, and this contest submission is really in recognition of the time and commitment F3 men have for their brothers at CRM.

Please go to this link and vote often for the Charlotte Rescue Mission submission.  The contest entry submitted by CRM highlights Kevin Burton aka Beetlejuice since he sparked the relationship with F3, although he would be the first to shine the light back on the men who post to the Rebound facility on Saturdays at 9 a.m. for Mission I’m Possible.

I tagged this posting with Charlotte-Metro, -North, -South, and Greenville because the Charlotte Rescue Mission serves residents from areas far beyond the city of Charlotte.  Please pass on the link to everyone you know to help the Charlotte Rescue Mission WIN.

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  1. Voted.

    You need to get the Columbia folks on this. If they can muster the digital manpower to make that Clowney hit the BEST PLAY IN THE HISTORY OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL), then they should be all over this.

    (Counting down the inevitable libel and slander in 3…2…1…)

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