Veteran Move

  • Workout Date - 12/11/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Cockroach, Clippers, Grrr, WallE, Perry Mason, Almond Joy, Alfred, iTunes, Slick Willy, Mr Head (WD), Highwayman, Gilligan, Spackler, No Bars, JK2, Erector, Iceman
  • AO -

17 men posted at #TheStation in #balmy conditions. YHC grabbed the Q on short notice so threw something together. In hindsight, it was a lot of upperbody work #beachseason. It’s amazing how many guys came out to see @Grrr’s #mankini, @Alfred’s #soccerarms and @Blue’s #sweatervest. The PAX were disappointed to find out that @Blue was #DR but were very impressed by @Alfred’s #guns and @Grrr’s #mankini #gottaseeittobelieveit

Let’s mosey to the parking lot beyond the pond for warmup…..

IW x20
Cankle Jibby (aka SSH) x20
Plank Medley – plank jacks x15, mtn climbers x15, shoulder touches x10
A train rolled through in the middle of warmup creating a stir since @Earthmover trained (pun intended) the guys to do 10 burpees when they hear a train #NotOnMyWatch

Count off into groups of 3

Group 1 – burpee broad jump ~30 yds
Group 2 (closest to the building) – merkins
Group 3 (closest to the street) – flutters

Group 1 bbj’s to group 2, then group 2 bbj’s to group 3. When not bbj’ing you perform merkins or flutters (depending on which side you’re on). We did this until everyone had bbj’d 2x.

The Butler (aka Alfred) tried to get me to swap from merkins to burpees. Then @SlickWilly wanted to run instead of bbj. #backseatQICs
@Alfred was full of #mumblechatter this morning, complaining about forgetting gloves. He pulled a #veteranmove that would have made Grrr proud – using the painted lines in the parking lot to protect his hands #palmolivehands

Mosey up Cannon street (backwards for most of it) to the corner for 11’s

Derkins and X&O’s

@Grrr showed off his #veteranmoves on the 11’s and the #mumblechatter from @Alfred ceased as he focused on his swole #soccerarms

Mosey down to the big circle by the parking lot. Told guys to line up and they assumed #indianrun. Nope – something far more sinister…….. Rodeo Clown. Everyone is moving at a slow mosey. The 2 guys in front sprint to catch the back of the line, continuing til all had sprinted. This ALWAYS sucks and was no different this morning. Even super fast @NoBars and @Highwayman were #huffing&puffing. Once everyone sprinted we gathered at the bottom of the circle (by the shelter).

Partner up for wheelbarrow merkins – wheelbarrow out 15 yds, then 5 merkins, mosey back and flapjack. We did this 4 to 5 times for each person.
2nd train rolls through #notgonnadoit
Mosey back to the center for COT / BOM

Naked Moleskin:
– Good work today as we’ve come to expect from the #Station PAX
– #Mumblechatter was loud today, even with no @BlueHawaii, @Footloose or @Snowden
– I give @GRrr and @BlueHawaii a lot of #grief but they’ve done a great job leading the #Station
– @Natty’s daughter
– Walker Phillips

– Continue to headlock guys. They need F3 and we need them
– BRR teams forming
– GORUCK opportunities (F3 Custom and regular)
– Greer Chamber golf tourney
– Kiawah Marathan (and half)
– Village Pillage

See ya in the gloom…..


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