Use the Drive-Thru

  • Workout Date - 09/08/2014
  • Q In Charge - One Direction
  • The PAX - Murdock, Retread, Macho Man, Tesh, Sadiq, Esther, Magic Mike, Fertile, Sushi, FNG Tater Tot, 1D
  • AO -

11 planted the shovel flag for an inaugural post in the sloppy gloom at The TOT.


  • SSH x 20
  • IW x 20
  • Merkins x 10 (YHC held plank while counting cadence)


Mosey across Main St and grab some wall for 1 minute wall sits x 2

Mosey around downtown Simpleville for a tour of the many covered Drive-Thrus, in a futile effort to stay dry.

  • Church #1 – Jack Webb’s to 10
  • Bank # 1 – Modified Jack Webb’s (Derkins) down from 10
  • Bank #2 – Plank -O-Rama
  • Bank #3 – 30 sec Sumo Squat hold x 2, followed by 4C Monkey Humpers x 10

As already stated, the drive thru route was in an effort to stay dry, buy hey, we are SwampRabbits and we like the water. All were soaked to the bone.

Mosey to Town Square for a 4 corners escalator. Sushi picked LBCs so that is we what we did at each corner. 10, 20, 30, then 40. Rewind and run back the way we came with Tony Horton V-Ups at each corner. 10 left, 10 right, 20 left, then 20 right. Smoked!!

Mosey back to SF, only to find it on the turf. YHC had ensured it was firmed planted, but no escuse for it’s fall. Murdock replanted it firmly. The PAX appeared to be circling up but YHC assured them we were not done yet.

Line up under the first of 6 strands of Christmas lights for suicides. Run to each strand and back. Boy, that 6th strand was a long ways away and was sneaky hard.  Now it is time for:


  • Russian Twists x 21
  • Flutters x 22

13 Burpees for the fallen SF, while YHC holds Plank. Murdock exempt, however, as expected, he knocked em out.



  • Great inaugural post in the soaking rain.  TClaps to those that fraught the urge to Fartsack. Extra TClaps to Sadiq, Retread, and Murdock for the DoubleDown.  They did a 4 mile, Challenge weight Ruck session, starting at 04:15. Strong!!
  • Welcome to FNG Daniel Wade. As promised, and thanks to Mach Man for the reminder, he was named Tater Tot.
  • This is a tremendous AO and the Christmas Light suicides are a crowd pleaser.


  • Next workout is next Monday at 05:15. Macho Man has the Q
  • Praise given for Fertile’s 2.0 Baptism. I think he enjoyed the “dunking” part a little too much.

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