Up and Down again; a Sally's tale

  • Workout Date - 12/03/2015
  • Q In Charge - Twinkle TOes
  • The PAX - Longbottom, Pita, Holla, San Diago, Double Windsor, Dummer, Stewie, Garth Bieber, Spongebob, Twinkle Toes
  • AO -

10 Swamp Rabbits hopped into the gloom, looking for a #beatdown and it came…..

Warm Up

-Hillbilly x21

-Merkin x11

-LBC x11

YHC kept hoping that F3_Fertile would come bouncing out of the darkness, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed…but alas, he was eaten by the #Fartsack monster. (moment of silence for an F3 brother)

The Thang

No time to waste! Mosey to top of Reedy River stairs and do stair dips down (5 dips on each stair) with American Hammers x15 on each landing and at bottom. Ten count from Double Windsor then Mosey down the trail to nice bright place under the bridge for a rousing rendition of Bring Sally Up! Then Mosey back to bottom of the stairs for CrunchyFrog x25 OYO.  Next, Mosey across the bridge for CrunchyFrog x25 OYO then back across the bridge to the stairs. Stair Squats x5 per stair all the way back up with American Hammers x15 on each landing and then CrunchyFrog x25 OYO. Quick plank-rest then Mosey back down the stairs, around the Deja Vu circle, then ToothFairys x1 on each stair, swap partner at landing and finish off with more Stair Squats! Longbottom was excited to break the record for fastest 10 count possible, then Mosey to the fire hydrant, where YHC explained his revenge on the robbery of his Thanksgiving Q. Modified duck-walk was the Hallelujah Turkey Walk all the way back to the top. San Diego won “waddler of the day” as he quickly out-distanced YHC up the hill.

Still looking for signs of F3_Fertile for a late-showing…but he must have moved on to the great #Fartsack in the sky.

At this point YHC turned over Mary to SpongeBob. With YHC concentrating fiercely on trying to breathe and stay vertical, SpongeBob led the PAX in:

Suck, Suckity, Suck and Suckin’   which included Dead Cockroach, Hip-Bounces and other such devilry.


-Sign up for  Drifter 6k

-Come to Christmas Party

-Twinkle Toes career transition

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