Unemployment Line and 22 new buddies

  • Workout Date - 03/12/2015
  • Q In Charge - Blue Hawaii
  • The PAX - Rebar, Donkey Lips, Jordache, FNG-Mia Hamm, Overdraft, little jack, Shafer, repo, bench warmer, ground blind, Jeff Taylor FNG- Danica, Radar, Kat, Divac, Paper Boy, Ben FNG- Suave, Goldey Locks, Pawn Star, Diesel... (nope Tater Salad), Back Draft, SParky,
  • AO -

22 pax including 3 FNGs defied the #fartsack to come out and get better at the #warzone YHC Kat and FNG Danica went for a 5 am pre run to check out downtown Hartsville and get warmed up for the rest of the PAX

Warm up
SSH x 25
IW x 20
Merkins x 10 IC
M Climbers x 20
Burpees x 5

The main thang
Partner up and grab a big coupon.

Dora time!
100x squat curls
200x over head press
300x Bench press legs 45degrees (unless your radar you press and do bicycle kicks) #beastmode #respect

While the other pax are pounding out reps partners are running to the first curb and back


On to the next one curb of merkin! Grab a curb in the plank position on YHCs Q slide to the right stop 5 Merkins rinse and repeat then reverse! #shoulders smoked!

Grab a 2 mini coupon time to meet the Webb family!
Jack Webb-up to x16 1 merkin 4 over head presses.
Joe Webb rinse and repeat arms to the side
Jeremiah Johnson Webb rinse and repeat! Back flys!
Big Momma Sally Webb- 10 man makers OYO

YHC realized the legs had been neglected time to meet Lt Dan! but LT Dan you aint got no legs…

1 squat 4 lunge walks across the parking lot up to 16.
YHC informed the pax that this next exercise would suck the pax informed YHC that the whole workout has sucked! mission accomplished
Burpees Broad jumps back to the coupons!

Time for 6MOM

25x LBC IC
20x rosalita
20x flutters
20x Erectors
20x mountain climbers
Some where in here YHC was informed he would need to find new employment by Jordache(MISSION ACCOMPLISHED)
Tons of #mummblechatter
20x Dolly’s
20x tony hortons 10each side
10x Squat jumps

YHC and Pax smoked


-mud run April 11 get signed up
-2nd F opportunity next Thursday at Mexican restaurant check Twitter for details
-Shirts on order link on Twitter
-Mon and Friday’s Running Club starts next week
-Wed 3rd F first successful outing at Bojangles yesterday! Check Twitter for details

Prayers-Pray for all the unspoken prayers and folks that are suffering in silence.

Men is was a true honor to come out and lead such a great and energetic pax this morning. Remember what I said this morning lean on each other in time of need and keep your ears open when your brother needs you! Iron Sharpens Iron! The first F is great and extremely necessary but invigoration of male community leadership happens when you have the opportunity to help one another get better physically and spiritually! 3rd F= Most important F. As Men most of us are providers for the family but it doesn’t end there be intentional with your time listen to your wife and get on the floor and play with your kids! When your at their ball games or dance classes truly be there! Encourage others to come out and remember you are representing something much bigger than a work out club. See you soon boys if Tater will allow me back….Heehee PUT A SMILE ON YO FACE! #IGOTTOGROW

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