Under Construction

  • Workout Date - 07/06/2016
  • Q In Charge - Zoila
  • The PAX - Debit, Stewie, Latke, 1040, Mr. Winslow, Zoila (YHC)
  • AO -

Sometimes when I say I’ll definitely be there, I’m definitely there.  Unfortunately, sometimes I’m definitely not there.

The Conditions: Little toasty.  72 degrees Fahrenheit.  Summertime conditions.

The Thang: Saw a car down at our old AO a few blocks away, so we moseyed down there to check it out.  Just a cop.  5-0, everybody be cool.

10 Merkins OYO.

Continue south along Waccamaw.  Left on Sunset, follow it around the bend.  Stop at corner of Meyers/Rockwood.  A few abs, a few merkins.  Right on Rockwood.

Up the hill to the second Rockwood/Meyers intersection (four-way stop).  Dan Taylor up to 5 and then back down again.  Continue to mosey down the hill, left on Forest.  Stop at the top of the hill, plank, wait, some merkins while Debit waddles off looking for a port-a-john.

Continue on Forest, left on Sunset, right on Waccamaw, there’s the porto that Debit chose to utilize (hence the title “Under Construction”).  Hey Debit, you still in there?  YEP.  Alright, plank-o-rama.  Hey Debit, you still in there?  YEP.  Mosey back to the VSF.


Ye Olde Moleskine:

Back at the VSF, here comes Debit, someone walks up to him to give him a pound.  “Don’t do it.  They didn’t have any hand sanitizer.”

Always good to post with yall.  Sorry for the tardy BB.


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