Ugly Dora

  • Workout Date - 04/01/2023
  • Q In Charge - Hook & Ladder/Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Brown Shorts, Ukalis, Overdraft, Slug, Seal, Inspector Gadget, Gluten, Domer Simpson, Crunchy, T-Bag, Cabin Fever, Gut Shot, Keystone, Swift, Hook and Ladder
  • AO -

The morning started out as any typical morning at the keg a little SSH, some IW and Goofballs (yes they look as weird as they feel). Off to the block pile to retrieve thy coupons, OK nothing out of the norm there. What would happen next probably gained YHC some new enemies. It seems that in YHC’s head Dora needed to get uglier and uglier she got. Dora 2-4-6 seemed like a good idea but she had to be modified for time into Dora 2-3-4 (with a partner – 200 crunches, 300 Merkins (on coupons), 400 lunges to be done in a lunge walk with coupon zombie style with a modified run sounds awful and it was).  Even with the changes we were still short on time.  Brown Shorts was suppose to co-Q and introduce us to “Beep Beep” but YHC asked him for some Mary while the rest of the PAX finished the zombie walk.  Oh yeah and then there was a “fly over” everyone salute with 10 burpees.  After short Mary YHC played the wonderful hit “Roxanne” so everyone could get in some Merkins and plankjacks.  Pretty sure I didn’t win over any new fans today but I always want to make sure everyone gets their moneys worth.


Legacy convergence Saturday-leaving from Powderkeg at 0615 No workout at the keg

Drifter 6k pre race workout @ 0815

Mud Run in April


Slugs friend Luke that has decided to go into the Reserves at a later stage in life than most sign up.  Pray for him and his family through the transition.

If you have been to the Keg enough you know that workouts don’t end until you get in your car and leave so when the next plane buzzed the AO we dropped  for 10 more Burpees right before the BOM.

As always it was a pleasure hope we can all still be friends





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