Two of everything, with coupons

  • Workout Date - 10/28/2019
  • Q In Charge - Cocoon
  • The PAX - 10 for Bootcamp Lt. Dangle, Butterbean, De La Rocha, Handrail, Sprinkles, U.P., Franzia, Paperboy, Hot for Teacher and 3 for Whisper's pre-training: Whisper, Rasheed Wallace, Church Lady
  • AO - Tower of Terror

Warmup all in Cadence:

SSH x25

Imperial Walkers x25

Mountain Climbers x25

Tempo Merkins x10

Windmills x20

mosey to the blockpile, then to the Church parking lot for the Thang:

  1. Partner 1: Coupon Swings x20, Goblet Squats x15, then lunges till partner 2 runs lap and returns, switch.  Repeat for 2 sets each
  2. Partner 1: Manmaker Burpees x15, then American Hammers till partner 2 runs lap and returns.  Repeat for 2 sets each
  3. Partner 1: Curls with block x15, Tricep Extension with block x15, partner 2 runs lap and returns.  Repeat for 2 sets each
  4. Partner 1: LH Row with block x 15, RH Row with block x15 while partner 2 bear crawls to curb and back
  5. Partner 1: Flutter kicks while partner 2 farmer carries 2 blocks to 2nd curb and back.  Repeat for 2 sets each

Mary (in church parking lot)

Freddie Mercuries x 25

LBC x20

BBSU x 15

return blocks and mosey back to flag


prayers: Franzia’s uncle chemo treatment, HFT’s co-worker illness, Church Lady’s friends-auto accident, de la Rocha’s friend’s son auto accident

announcements: Whisper starting serious run training around Thanksgiving…pre training training going on now.

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