Two at the Market for some Classic Rock

  • Workout Date - 12/03/2023
  • Q In Charge - Youkilis
  • The PAX - Gutshot and at the end Flow Rider
  • AO -

The Conditions: 58F and 100% humidity (Perfect Gloom)

Warm Up: Big group of 2 so let’s take a lap around the lot to find an open spot for some agility drills: Side hop from one side of the parking lot to the other and reverse. Next, Karaoke from one side then back, continue pattern with butt kickers, and high knees.

LBC IC x 20, Flutter IC x 20, Pretzel Crunch Left IC x 10, Right IC x 10

Mosey to the next corner 10 burpee’s OYO

The Thang: Mosey back to the truck where we have blocks to play with-Bent over rows IC x 15,Curls IC x 20, Military Press IC x 20

These blocks are bulky so switch blocks and Triceps extensions IC  x 15

Back to the big blocks for some close grip Merkins IC x 10, getting tired so mosey to the stage for some calf extensions IC x 30 (then a 10 count for stretching to keep the calves from popping) While we are on stage lets show off, 30 sec plank into MC’s IC x 20, then Big boy sit ups single count x 20, then CBL’s (reverse lbc’s) focus on the core IC x 10.

OK back up and let’s mosey- Well the Pandora station we were listening to had a commercial, so we decided how about we do burpees for the duration of the commercials.  Sounds like a good idea (it wasn’t) but I think if I start that rule I might get some PAX to buy me a subscription to a commercial free music site.  Back to mosey, let’s go around the block and see what we can find?

Oh wow here are some benches, perfect time for some decline Merkins I.C. x 15 to incline Merkins I.C. x 10.  Mosey over to the bar for some flutters off the edge x 20, then feet on the bar and crunch to the toes x 10 I.C., supine pull ups 15 I.C. then double time to the stage for some two man ring of fire.  Chair pose while partner does 20 lbc’s, then swap and 20 squats.  Not Good.   The Q is getting tired, let’s look for a stall tactic: Double time to the flag for a Photo op. break.  This will look good on twitter

OK back to work, back to the blocks. Sweet, a train: 10 burpee salute with blocks since we already have them. IC 10 x Merkins with right hand on the block then switch to left for 10 more IC.  Step onto the curb for some Block Dead lift IC x 15

Mosey back to the stage for some more back Y-T-I on my call. OK my back is tired so let’s do some flutters IC x 40.  Nice burn, so let’s do a 10 count toe touch. Then,T-merkin IC x 10, I.W. IC x 20, hill billy’s IC x 10, air punch IC x 20, air press IC x 50

Arms are shot so let’s mosey down to the ice cream parlor then back to the bar for some more spline pull-ups x 10, and another commercial so 10 more burpees.   Running out of time so double time to the flag for 2 MOM back to the pretzel crunch 10 x IC for each leg.  9 seconds left and both Flow Rider and a train come by, so 10 burpees to close us out.

A: Christmas Party tonight

P: Mother had a biopsy yesterday – should know more Wed., Traveling M’s, Brothers doing Dream 5K

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