• Workout Date - 05/12/2014
  • Q In Charge - Punkin Spice
  • The PAX - Banjo (RESPECT!!), Earth Mover, Thibodeaux, Mrs. Doubtfire, Bartman, Spongebob, Rooney, 1D, Tebow, Golden Sombrero, Alfred, LIttle Buddy, Domer, Hardhat, Erector, Ahhhhnold, Longbottom, Slim, Radar, Billie Jean, Posh Spice, Snowden, Molly Ringwald, Oprah Chai Tea Latte
  • AO -

24 (Burbs record?) faithful made it out of their fartsacks and into the gloom for a #getmovinmonday Burbian beatdown sure to put a smile on yo face!!

Warm Up

SSH x20-IC
Werkins x10-IC
MCs x15-IC
Squats x15-IC

Take a lap around the church

Burbian Thang

Super Burpee – descending from 10

Merkins x10, DKs-Donkey Kicks-officially x10, Jump Squats x10
Merkins x9, DKs x9, Jump Squats x9…etc…
Merkins x2, DKs x2, Jump Squats x2
Merkins x1, DKs x1, Jump Squats x1 (Burpee)

little extra credit to support Tebow! Great work Tebow! #nomanleftbehind Watch out ladies, Tebow coming through! #summercertified

Take a lap around the church, stop at the hill leading back up to the cars

Jack Webb – 1|4…6|24

Bent Jacob’s Ladder
Start with 15 Smurf Jacks, up the hill, 1 Burpee, down the hill…
15 Smurf Jacks each time at the bottom
Ascending Burpee’s to 10 at the top

**Dan Taylor – 1|4…5|20 #ouch #crowdpleaser #TDFW

**Named after Lieutenant Daniel Taylor in the movie Forrest Gump. Dan Taylor is a Jack Webb variation using Jump Squats and Lunges with the same 1:4 ratio. “But you ain’t got no legs, Lieutenant Dan.”

Take a lap around the church (legs are smoked at this point)


Flutters x20-IC
Dolly x15-IC
Rosalita X15-IC
Freddy Mercury x15-IC


-Still need Swamp Rabbit PAX to go support F3Spartanburg for a couple more Saturdays! Those that haven’t been out yet go check it out, they have a really sweet AO. Meet at Starbucks on Pelham Saturday at 0610 if you want to caravan out there with the guys who have committed to going.
-Giving two separate AOs for Ring of Fire (RoF) a try this Wednesday (so max effort to EH guys to get out there). Riverside Middle School and Greenville High School will be the areas of operation, both are from 0515-0615. All Skill sets encouraged! This workout is running interval training. If you are interested in improving your running, this workout is for you! At least come check it out and give it a try, you may like it more than you think! Keep an eye out for a pre-blast from Slim with info and running calculator.
-GORUCK training planned this Saturday for a, Cadre-1D, night simulation. 1D is planning on putting it down from 2300 (11pm) – 0300 (3am) at a location still to be determined, stay tuned RUCKers!
-If you know any FNGs (fairly new guys) who don’t follow F3 Swamp Rabbit on Twitter (https://twitter.com/F3SwampRabbit) and/or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/282527328545350/) invite them to do so. Also, let them know about the backblast (http://f3nation.com/regions/sc/greenville-sc/) and how they can get to them.

Prayer Request:
-1D’s rotator-cuff surgery next Tuesday (5/20)
-Slim has a college buddy who’s 3 yr. old daughter passed away from leukemia
-The youth group at Aldersgate Methodist; youth director resigned
-Hardhat has to let an employee go today. Pray for Hardhat as well as for the employee whom has an alcohol problem.
-Erector needs new job (manufacturing, engineering, sales). I’m sure he is very grateful to all of those who have spoke with him and helped him up to this point.
-Tesh is nursing a cold, get well soon brother!


Always a thrill leading such a great PAX. Fantastic work today guys!
See you fella’s in the gloom!


Hey Bartman… TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!?!? AYE!

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