Turkish Airlines – Bumpy Ride

  • Workout Date - 10/14/2016
  • Q In Charge - Whisper
  • The PAX - Deflated (respect), Kingpin (hate), NYOPT, Road Trip, Hulf Smash (respect), Sammy, Celine Dion, Homeward Bound, Whisper (YHC)
  • AO -

9 PAX came out to Pitchfork for a early flight to Turkey.

Warm up: SSH x 25; Hillbillies x 20

Move the plane to the tarmac with air traffic controllers(lateral dumbbell raises to vertical) x 10. Picked the wrong day to bring 20’s.
Gear up(bent over dumbbell row) x 10.
Finally get off the ground with fly’s(on our six fly with press in between) x 15
We’re soaring now. Mosey to the track. As it turned out we landed in Turkey, but we only came to ride the escalator and run around town a little.

The Thang

Four Corners Escalator (= one lap around the track with weights plus 3 laps running)

1st corner – 10 x Turkish Get-ups(TG) & farmer carry to 2nd then run a lap w/o weights.
2nd corner – 10 TG + 20 clean and press(CP), farmer carry to 3rd corner then run a lap & plank till all PAX arrive.
3rd corner – 10 TG + 20 CP + 30 goblet squats(GS), farmer carry to 4th corner then run a lap & plank with 1st PAX calling plank positions.
4th corner – 10 TG + 20 CP + 30 GS + 40 curls, cut the curls a little short to get back to the flag.

MARY: Nope. Out of time.

It was a good day at the Pitchfork since we were able to get in lots of Turkish Get-ups. We’ve been getting behind on our quota of late. YHC could tell the PAX were having a great time and even though they did not say so, YHC knows they love TG’s.

ANNC: Golf Tournament 10/20
Dine out for Moms 10/27
Spinx Runfest 10/29

COT: Deflated’s family

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