Tuesday and Patan Launch in Kathmandu

  • Workout Date - 02/10/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sherpa
  • The PAX - Annapurna, Jimbay, Gorkha, Sherpa, and 3 FNG's: Bikash (F3 Java), Dev (F3 Paris), Mukesh (F3 Timmy)
  • AO -

This past Tuesday, 7 men gathered to kick off the launch of our first Tuesday workout. Additionally, it was the first workout in our new location – the Engineering Campus in Patan Dohka. This space is AWESOME, offering plenty of flat ground, some hills, LOTS of stairs, soccer fields, rails, rocks, walls, and I’m sure other things that we will uncover in time. It’s a big answer to prayer, really.

YHC tried to take advantage of these new spacious grounds. Here’s the scoop. I’m going to start explaining the  meaning of various things, in order for our PAX (participants) to be able to understand the F3 lingo. After all, we are working with language and culture differences. Eventually, I’d like to do everything in the Nepali language. I have a long ways to go before we can do that 🙂

Warmup (several guys showed up late, which is called “Nepal Time”, but a few of us started ON TIME):

– Demonstrated toe-touchers x 30

– 10 pushups On Your Own (OYO)

– 20 smurfjacks (mini jumping jacks)

– partner up and do 20 pushups On Your Own (OYO) (a few guys were afraid of the wet ground, but they got over it pretty quickly. We can’t be afraid to get a little dirty)

– Planks session (on elbows)

Then we did an Indian Run down the road towards the “football” (soccer) fields. On the way called an audible and we did first 20 inclined pushups using the hand rails, followed by 10 declined pushups.

– Partnered up and did wheel barrow to the water bottle, then 20 Perfect Squats. Switch partners, wheel barrow back, followed by 20 lunges. Then frog hop + squats, repeat.

Then Annapurna lead us in a round of Plank-o-rama. Jimbay has a hurt shoulder, so he’s unable to do the shoulder related exercises. Encouraged him to try and modify by doing other things while we did pushups, planks, etc.

Then partnered up again, this time partner did LBC’s (Little Baby Crunches), while the other guy ran to the end of the field and back. Total 100 LBC’s).

– Run up the hill and around the corner to a long staircase of 3 levels.

– one round of Iron Chair (or whatever they are called) against the wall with hand presses

– Then hand stands against the wall with an attempt at an upside down pushup (YHC failed there)

– Did 7’s, 1 Burpee at the bottom, run to top, do 6 Russian Twists, then 2 Burpees/5 Russian Twists, etc. always equalling 7.

– Lead the PAX (participants) in a round of planks while we waited for the rest to finish. Went and finished with a few of the guys.

Lined up and did a jailbreak sprint back to the starting area.


– Flutters x 30

– Bicycle crunches


– Welcomed 3 FNG’s (Friendly New Guy): Bikash (F3 Java for his computer programming skills), Dev (F3 Paris for his love of football), Mukesh (F3 Timmy for Tim the Tool Man)

We have a goal of 15-20 to show up for our upcoming Saturday Patan location kickoff. What a pleasure to kick off this location. It’s a huge blessing, and we have some momentum now. Let’s keep growing the numbers, and developing leaders. Let’s keep showing up.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday and Patan Launch in Kathmandu”

  1. I’m honestly blown away by this. To have 7 (w 3 FNG’s) show up in winter to do something so counter-cultural is really incredible. And for Annapurna to lead some and take some of the Q heat off of you. Just awesome.

    Curious- how does “Indian Run” translate??

    You’ll 15-20 with no problem Sherpa.

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