TRY to leave your mark…

  • Workout Date - 08/14/2014
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Satisfry, Updyke, Go Raiders!, Iceman, Inspector Gadget, Grim Reaper, Denied, Mab Mab, Aloha, Chastity Belt (Wes Henderson FNG), 1040, Rest Stop, Billy Nye the Science guy, Pedialite, Frankenrider, Graceland, Malpractice, Latka, Nature Boy, Bubba Gump, Washer, BLue Screen, Stewie, Risky Business
  • AO -

Ok, so YHC had this BRILLIANT idea to try and have a GPS route that spells out F3.  Somewhere in between the glasses of Chardonnay and the glass of Maker’s on the rocks, I thought to myself, “Self, that’s easy, no need to plan it out on Google Maps.”  I somewhat accomplished it, however, the F was backwards, and the F and the 3 just kind of blend together.  I have added Straight lines for those who are artistically challenged and can’t imagine an F and a 3.  You probably are terrible at those 3D posters that were so popular in the 90s (Example:  Elaine Bettis…if you don’t know who Elaine Bettis is….HATE HATE to you).

You know I was going to have a screenshot…but now that screenshot won’t load.  3 Fails means you’ll just have to wonder what it looked like.  Looks like me and Makers are having another date night tonight…


25 Guys (with 1 FNG) dethroned their Fartsack to beat #sadclown syndrome into the dirt and start their day off better than 90% of the country, nay, the WORLD.

Warm Up:
30 X SSH
30 X IW
30 X High Knee Jumps OYO

The Thang:
Tour around Greenville to try and spell out F3 on GPS…
At each stop, perform the following –
10 X Tricep Merkins (keeping shoulders against your core)
10 X Lunges (double count; so technically 20, but humor me)
10 X Burpees

The “F”
Mosey from Peace Center to corner of Broad and Falls St – STOP 1
Mosey back to Main Street, turn right, run up Main, turn right on E Court St to corner at Falls St – STOP 2
Mosey back to Main St., turn right, run Main St to E. Washington – STOP 3

The “3”
Turn around and run Washington St. to corner at S. Richardson St. – STOP 4
Turn around and run to Main St., turn right, run down to W. McBee Ave. and go to Grace church Stairs – STOP 5
EXTRA CREDIT AT STOP 5 = Joe Hendrix up the stairs
***Tip:  For those who are Q’ing in the future and need a way to slow Nature Boy down…this is it…this is his Kryptonite
Turn around and run to Main st., turn right, run down to W. Broad, turn right and run down to Japanese Dogwood Ln. – STOP 6

Mosey to open air mill behind PC
Grab some wall for People’s Chair
60 Seconds People’s Chair
30 Little Baby Squat Jumps

Mosey back to Flag

30 X Russian Twists
20 X Flutter
30 X Air Humpers …er….ERECTORS

For the Stat guys:
1.8 Miles of running
60 Tricep Merkins
120 Lunges
60 Burpees

Naked Moleskin
– MAB MAB looking to get a Men’s Roundtable together:  “Man and his work”.  Look for dates/details to follow
– Michelin 5K is this Saturday, sign up at race site as online registration is now closed.  7:30 AM start time at Donaldson Center Michelin campus
– Brashier Charter High School Trail 5K. August 23rd, 08:00, Brashier Campus
– Prayers for Spicoli and Erector
– Prayers for our brothers who suffer in silence

*For Ball of Man, I switched it up a little and read a poem that is very important to me.  I’ve had it at my desk for close to 8 years now and it’s a great daily reminder of how to live life and is fantastic on days when the stress is getting to you and you need to just Breath.  I hope it inspires others.

The poem is Desiderata by Max Ehrmann.  It can be found at this link for those interested:

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