Triple Threat

  • Workout Date - 02/23/2024
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Flay gets remote smacktalked last week for missing The Murph/Legacy Doubledown. Flay hears about it all week. Then it looks like there’s no Q for this coming Saturday’s convergence at Legacy Park.

March 1st. Third month of the year. Flay gets this in the mail:

As always. Lovely work by @TeamMudGear

As always. Lovely work by @TeamMudGear

Looks like Flay’s gonna have to beat everybody up in triplicate (and in third person for that matter). 39 guys circled up in some chilly Gloom to see what happens when you poke the bear. Here’s what went down:

Warm up

SSH (a la Scuba) x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Superburpees x 7 OYO

The Thang

Count off 1’s/2’s/3’s

Mosey to the playground

Bartman’s Smile Stations

1’s: Pullups x 5

2’s: One legged Merkins x 10

3’s: Dips x 20

Rotate/Rinse/Repeat x 3 #getusedtothat

Mosey to the Fern/break into 2 groups

Group 1: Hipslappers (aka Fartknockers) x 10 IC

Group 2: Six inches hold till fartknockers are done


Rinse/repeat x 3 #seewhatImean?

Round the corner

Group 1: Burpee Broad jump suicides

Group 2: People’s chair w/ Arm Circles of Hell (forward x 10/side x 10/up x 10)


Rinse/Repeat x 3

Mosey to the bottom of 1D’s Hill

Snowden’s Circuit of Suck (Mary Edition) #requestedbyIceman

LBCs x 20

Backscratcher x 20

Russian Twist x 20

BACKPEDAL to the top of the hill #goodbyequads

Plank up till everybody’s together

Heels to heaven x 20

Dead cockroach x 20

Plank/shoulder touch x 20

Sprint down

Skeleton (or whatever we’re calling it now the Olympics are done) till everybody’s together

Rinse Repeat x 3

At one point the #mumblechatter from 1D kicked into high gear. Something along the line of “this is the longest Legacy session EVER. How is it not 0755 yet.” #complimentaccepted #missionaccomplished #wherewastheweightvest?

Mosey to the Wall

Ark Ladder

Bearcrawl to the top of the wall/Diamond Merkin at the top

Crabwalk down/Squat at the bottom

Rinse Repeat x 7 adding a rep each time

Mosey to the grassy knoll

Jailbreak to the circle (belly start to keep the HateHates honest) 

Flying Tomato, as expected, smokes the field.

Circle up

Jack Webb Pyramid

Up to 5 merkins/20 presses and back down.

10 count hold on the last merkin #crowdpleaser

Got a little time left, so, of course

Spicolis x 10

Snow Angels x 15 #TahjBoyd



  • #Tclaps to the 7 or so PAX that showed up for T.B.C.’s soft launch of Dawn Patrol and stuck around to complete the #doubledown
  • Had fun putting this one together. It’s always tough to manage the bigger groups at Legacy, but, from YHC’s chair, it looks like everybody, from advanced to beginners, was able to get in some solid work and feel like a part of the group
  • Wasn’t quite the cardio blast that I typically bring to Legacy, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be sore head to toe come this PM
  • Palmetto 200: 1D needs 4 more runners (you’re going, Matlock) and 2 drivers.
  • St. Patty’s Day 5k: coming up on 3/15. Looking to get a group together and show up in force. Also, Let There Be Mom needs volunteers post race #payitforward
  • F3 Spartanburg Launch: coming on 4/26. Still working on a location, but we will be doing a 6 week blitz where we send 2 Qs every Saturday to help with the Big Bang. Stay tuned for more details, and send email adresses for any potential Spartanburg PAX to
  • Continued prayers for Spicoli
  • Prayers for Golden Sombrero’s father




3 thoughts on “Triple Threat”

  1. That was a well constructed #beatdown. For the record, I suggested we do the burpee broadjump suicides on One D’s hill. But the mary/backwards run combo worked out just fine.

  2. Now, now. I have a text I’m which you mention, amongst some other things, back pedaling on 1D’s Hill. Can’t fault me for sorting through the static 🙂

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