Triple Hate at Legacy

  • Workout Date - 06/06/2015
  • Q In Charge - Costanza and Earthmover
  • The PAX - THE Hardhat, Mr. Feeny, Wifi, Grim Reaper, Handy Manny, Underwood, White Walker, Homeward Bound, Sidney Crosby, Noonan, Soul Plane (WD, RESPECT), Latka, Nature Boy, Epee, Dunphy, Spring Break, Samsung, LBP, one other double downer LIFO, Costanza (WB), EM
  • AO -

21 men got up early on a beautiful Saturday morning for F3SwampRabbit’s #legacy workout. YHC was joined by my son Costanza for a co-Q beatdown.

Plank Shoulder Touch

Indian run double applesauce down Rocky Slope. Stop for 10 diamond merkins and 5 burpees OYO

Mosey back to park and down the path to “the hill” near the pond. Form up in groups of 3 (YHC made this WAAAYYYY more difficult). We’ll be doing a 3 man dora. 1 man at top of hill, 1 at bottom, other man starts at bottom and runs up hill and tags off with partner who then runs down and tags etc.
100 merkins
200 squats
300 LBCs
separate counts at top and bottom.

Once complete Costanza leads us up 1D’s hill and to back of the Y for more fun. 2 groups. Station 1 peoples chair, Station 2 max lunges. 3 rounds- 1 minute, 45 secs, 30 secs.

Stay in the 2 groups for #deathstar in the 2 sections of parking lot. Start in middle and bear crawl to each corner for specified exercise. After exercise bear crawl back to middle for 30 single count flutters before moving to next corner. Rinse and Repeat #crowdpleaser
Corner 1- 10 double merkin burpees
Corner 2- 15 werkins
Corner 3- 15 WWII situps
Corner 4- 30 squats

Head back to home base for Mary

Back Scratchers
10 Superman Burpees

Great job by triple hate Costanza with the co-Q. Tough audience with your dad and a bunch of old(er) guys!
Asheville/Greenwood launches
Downtown Matinee workout on Mondays-great job Epee getting this going!
Happy Wedding Day to Pledge!

Always great to Q. Even better when your son is with you!

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