Trick Or Treat!

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  • Workout Date - 12/03/2023
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6 men (including 3 weirdos with rucks) showed up in the pouring rain for a post Halloween beat down in Falls Park. Let’s get right to it.


Imperial Walkers x20

Squats x15

The Main Thang:

Mosey over to the Brick House where it is not raining for…

The Zoo Of Pain!

Duck walk from one end to the other (think in DEEP squat position)

Bunny Hop back

Bear Crawl from one end to the other

Crap Walk back

Next was Sally Up with squats. 6 Pax and 3 rucks to pass around meant plenty of pain for everyone.

After Sally Up we did a little Trick Or Treat AMRAP. Inside a Halloween bag were pieces of paper with different exercises written on them (Merkins, burpees, mountain climbers, squats, LBCs, dips, flutters, air presses, box cutters, ball busters, planks, lunges, SSHs). Eack Pax would reach into the bag and pull out a treat, then crush it for 1 minute. We did 6 rounds of this.

After Trick Or Treat the fun continued with Sally Up, leg lift edition! Those unfortunate enough to have rucks also got to do presses here.

Quick jog back to the flag for squats x20 before time ran out.



Prayers for Yoshi’s family.

Prayers for Vikki- his father passed away.


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