Train/Tunnel of Love Action at The Gate

  • Workout Date - 07/28/2014
  • Q In Charge - Hard Hat
  • The PAX - Solid 14 men with 3 FNG's - Footloose, Wrinkle, Rebar (Brett Harris FNG), Chum (Trey Covington FNG), Floppy (Corey Aliz FNG), Banjo Respect! , Zorro, Longbottom, WIKI, Widget, Punchout, Epee, Megaphone, Hart Hat (Q)
  • AO -

Dynamic warmup thru parking lot and out on to the street(Frankenstein walk, butt kickers, high knees).

Mosey Around Lake Forrest parking lot/entrance drive to get that heart rate going. Watch out for those curbs.

Warm-up in Lake Forrest Playground area:

SSH in cadence x 25

LBAC (Little Baby Arm Circles) – 30 second each way

Merkins (IC) x 15 – Everyone on the hands and knees to try and find the Q’s phone that fell out during SHH. Found it.

Mosey to Aldersgate Softball Field – Watch out for those crepe myrtles!

The Thang!

Cacka-lacka-choo-choo – Compliments of the Skipper from our workout at the beach. Let me hear those Choo Choo’s – Repeato 

Tunnel of Love – Split into two teams. Lot of Love for the Belly Crawl! – Repeato

 15 Merkins OYO

 Time to Combine the two above – Cack-lacka-over-under – Repeato

 Lets Run some of that grass and dirt off – Mosey Around Church – We made sure to find every stair of which there are a-plenty.

 Banjo 10 count which lasted about 30.

Time for some 11’s – We made it a little more difficult by adding a 50 yard run at the top of the Hill. Workins at bottom and diamonds at top . Q lost count while mumble chattering and ended up with a extra round.

Plank and then reverse plank with lots of one arm.

Slosey mosey back to top parking lot


Flutters (IC) x 25

Russian Twist (IC) x 21

Alphabet spelling with Legs – Q switched up the order (yes I do know the correct order  and left out Y just so the PAX would ask Y.

10 burpees OYO for those brothers fighting cancer. Smoked!


Great second workout at the Gate. Kept that heart rate going for a solid 45 minutes! Love our new AO. Lots of room left to explore.

Prayer Requests – Nail Pop – Walker being brought out of induced coma, Footloose’s Mom upcoming exam, Tydre recovery.

Announcement – Graceland this Thursday at Grace Church on Pelham, Greer Launch on 8/9, 3F Bible Study every Wed 11:45 at Tupelo Honey (Café for Banjo) this week 4th Chapter of James

 See you in the Gloom!

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