Train Kept a-rollin'

  • Workout Date - 08/30/2014
  • Q In Charge - Flay/Penguin
  • The PAX - Punchout, Focker, Frogger, Luganis, Zorro, Wall-E, Gur, Megaphone, Play-doh, FNG- Abacus, LBP, Advent, Johnny 5, 1 Direction, Bib, Biebs, Murdoch, Big D, T.B.C., GCOD, Epee, Baby Seal, FNG-Beaver , Backup, The Tickler, Heizenberg, Sadiq, Wifi, HOLLA, Earthmover, Scar, Mr. Kotter, Caviar, Alfred, Hardee's, Snowden, Blue Hawaii, Whig, Sherpa, A/V, iTunes, Lizard Lick, Mapquest, WeeWee, FNG-Ward , Buckeye, FNG- Gus, Inspector Gadget, Penguin, Flay
  • AO -

For a while now, we’ve seen big things on the horizon over on the Eastside and Greer. The Burbs exploded, split (and then split again), and we were waiting for a Saturday Flag to be planted and really form the anchor for this sleeping giant of F3 Nation.

Sure enough, Erector and the Eastside PAX have found themselves a fantastic AO (Greer City Park) for The Station. Tons of space and varied terrain/obstacles. It’s no wonder that, after only three weeks The Station has introduced mid-week workouts. I’m certain that more will be coming, and I’m still holding out hope for an AO named “Gur.”

Anyway, with all the growth happening in the Upstate, it was time to ring out the end of summer with a convergence, and The Station was the perfect place for us to bring PAX from both Swamp Rabbit and Spartanburg for a Supersized beatdown for Labor Day weekend. Penguin from F3 Spartanburg graciously agreed to co-Q with YHC, and it was on.

50 Hardmen made the decision to get better and hop on the train at The Station. Here’s what went down.

Warm Up

SSH x 20 IC

IW X 20 IC

Mosey over to the field

Four Corners

Sprint to each corner of the field. Plank up for the 6 and the perform an exercise for 1 minute. 1st exercise at corners 1 and 3. 2nd exercise at corners 2 and 4. Repeato until Q says we’re done

Round 1: Merkins and Flutters (1 Direction and his Busted Wing modify to some sort of Karate Kid impression)

AUDIBLE: A train passed right by us and Earthmover said we should do 10 burpees the next time a train comes through. No time like the present, I always say, so:

Burpees x 10

Round 2: Chicken Dance and Heels to heaven IC

Round 3: Werkins and Brokeback mountain #Snowdenpleaser (Karate Kids for 1D)

Round 4: Jack Webb and Jack Webb had to stop at corner 2 as we were at the 30 minute mark.

Pass the Q to Penguin

Mosey to the amphitheather

Dora 1 2 3

Partner up. One partner works at the bottom of the amphitheater while the other sprints to the top at back. Flap jack until all the work is done. All numbers are aggregate:

Box jumps x 100 #goodbyelegs

Jump lunges x 200 #goodbyelungs

Mountain climbers x 300 #goodbyelife

Plankorama till everybody’s done #smoked

Thanks to Murdock for grabbing my Tac Hat and dunking it in the fountain and slapping it back on my head while in down-and-hold. Not like it wasn’t already soaked, but that water was nice and COOOOOOL…

Mosey back to the circle

Ark Loader Suicide

Four cones out in the circle. Animal movement out to each one in sequence and sprint back.

Bear crawls

Jameis Winston

It should be noted that 1 Direction and his busted wing provided fantastic moral support while the rest of us suffered through this. Can’t wait till he’s 100% so he’ll actually shut up. There was a #mumblechatterrumble between Snowden and 1D and, like FSU/Clemson last year, it was no contest, honestly. That said we’ll see how the Old Nole fares once he’s grunting around on the ground with the rest of us.


Russian Twists x 20

Snow Angels x 10 #Qsmoker (Penguin got more than he bargained for on that one)

Air Humpers x 20

Pele x 30 seconds on each leg

A little time left, so YHC grabbed the wheel to give a shout out to our brothers Spicoli and Erector.

Spicolis x 10



  • Again, what a fantastic AO!!!! Thanks to all the Upstate PAX for coming out and letting Penguin and I lead.
  • #Tclaps to Penguin in particular for taking the co-Q and providing a thorough beat down
  • Praise for Snowden and his family. Amazing changes happening.
  • Sage words from Earthmover about it being football season and that we should remember that it’s supposed to be fun. Trash talk is fun and all, but let’s all remember that it’s just a game and not a reason to go overboard or hurt feelings. That and UGA sucks
  • Wonderful lead out by Murdock in BOM

Expansion: Holy geeze do we have a lot of expansion coming up. Here’s what I managed to remember

  • 9/8: Downtown Simpsonville at the Clock Tower
  • 9/20 F3 Spartanburg kicking off at the Upward Center
  • SPEARHEAD EVERYWHERE with weekday workouts and a memorial GORUCK Light coming in January
  • Traveler’s Rest coming soon (sorry, forgot the date)
  • 10/18: F3 Anderson

As always, brothers, it’s an honor to be among you. With all this expansion and internal growth, the train’s rolling in the Upstate. Let’s keep it a-rollin.


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  1. Regarding Traveler’s Rest, Zorro and I mentioned it to Flay. I know Handy Manny has expressed interest before also.

    We discussed a crossfit style workout on WEDNESDAYS, starting September 10. The AO would likely be either a park in T.R. or the Furman campus. Please reach out to Zorro, myself or Flay if you might be interested.

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