• Workout Date - 08/04/2014
  • Q In Charge - Hootie
  • The PAX - Maverick, Aloha, Sherpa, Floppy, Twerkin, Clapper, Guvna, OSHA, Dollywood, DENIED, Punch-Out, Goggles
  • AO -

Trail of Tears Entry Trail of TearsTRAIL OF TEARS MEETS 11's

13 PAX had no idea what was in store this AM at THE DEN!! And neither did the Q himself!
This workout was inspired by TBC who introduced this trail to me from a past MOAB workout! Thank you TBC! THIS WORKOUT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN TO THOSE WHO SACKED!

10 Burpees OYO
MTN Climbers x 20 in cadence
50 High Knee Jumps OYO

Mosey over to Cleveland Park Drive for 11’s on “TRAIL OF TEARS”

11’s on the trail from Cleveland Park to Ridgeland Drive
In and Out Russian Twists at the bottom
Merkins at the top (Hootible—started with high knee jump burpees)

Mosey back towards shovel flag but make a quick stop at the pull up bars for 6’s
Each PAX does 6 pull ups and then back of the line—repeat 5 pull up, 4, 3, 2, 1 (added some up and hold counts on the last 3 pull-ups) #SMOKED

6MOM—Are you kidding??  No time left after this beat down!  Don’t believe me, ask the PAX who were there!

Great work men!  Remember, the workouts get harder and you get stronger!  F3 DEN STYLE!

Greer Launch 8/9
Michelin 5K 8/16—BEASTSIDE VS. ROF
BRR Madness in Effect–Need drivers

Of course all of those unspoken
Lift up Spicoli
Lift up Erector

Over and Out!



2 thoughts on “TRAIL OF TEARS”

  1. Wouldn’t changing HKJ Burpees to merkins (making the exercise easier) be an audible? I was under the impression that a Hootible was changing a planned exercise to make it more difficult (i.e. merkins to HKJ Burpees)? Or is a Hootible just when Hootie calls any audible? Or is a Hootible whatever Hootie wants it to be? Or D.. All the above?

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