Trade St Smokefest

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  • Workout Date - 08/06/2015
  • Q In Charge - Grrr
  • The PAX - Biofreeze, Alfred, Perry Mason, ITunes, Wally, Playdough, Oui Oui, & Grrr
  • AO -

Grrr was tired, sore, and a little bitter. I had a coach that use to say, “Are you the hammer or the nail son!?” Today YHC chose to be the hammer! I issued a warning on the Twitter not to come, but 8 brave men strapped up their boots and joined me. Let’s Get It!

Warm Up
IW X 20 IC

Line Up for Indian Run- Run to Trade St.
Dora- Partner Up. One partner does exercise while other runs to top of Trade St.
100 X Hand Release Merkins
200 X Plank Shoulder Touches- DC *Mumble Chatter- Quickly audibled to Single Count
300 X Squats

Indian Run to Front of Park
Dips X 35 OYO
Diamond Builder
5 x Diamond Merkins
Bearcrawl to Light Post
10 X Diamond Merkins
Duck Walk to Next Light Post
15 X Diamond Merkins
Lunge Walk to Next Light Post
20 X Diamond Merkins to Cap If Off

Circle Up for Jack Webb
-All The Way Up to 5 Merkins/20 AirPresses
What goes up must come down.
-Back down to 1 Merkin/4 AirPresses. It’s Only Air. You’re Welcome Shoulders!

Mosey to Playground for Mary
Partner Plank Big Boys- 2 Sets Each x 25
Erectors X 25 IC
Rosalita IC
Billy Idols X 20 IC

Prayers for Lizard Lick and M in the arrival of 1st child
Prayers for Spring Break’s son Jadon
Prayers for Itune’s Dad who just had biopsy and awaiting results
Prayers for Itune’s friend who is going through a divorce

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