Trade St. Smokefest

  • Workout Date - 06/01/2017
  • Q In Charge - Grrr
  • The PAX - SA, No Bars, Wally, Perry Mason, Blue Hawaii, Slick Willy, Cockroach, Wax-On, Kilowatt, ITunes, Washer, The Muff, Moosehead, Kindergarten Cop, Bob Barker, Biebs, Almond Joy, Alfred, & Grrr.
  • AO -

YHC was pumped about Q’ing this morning and my excitement exploded when 18 men joined me in the gloom.

Iceman, our local nantan, was throwing shade last night only to #fartsack. He said later he only soft committed. We’ll let the PAX decide.

Warm Up
SSH x 25
Arm Circles- This would be an important warm up exercise later

The Thang
Partner Up for Wheel Barrow Crawl- 25-30 yds each(Got the blood flowing)
Mosey to Wild Ace & Inverted Rows x 20
Mosey to Trade St. (About to get real!)
Partner Dora- One runs up to end of Trade St.(uphill & sneaky) while partner exercises
100 Superman Merkins
200 Squats
300 Flutters DC
Train- 10 Burpees
Plank-O-Rama while 6 finishes

Indian Run- Double Applesauce around the block and to entrance of park
Dips x 30 OYO
Diamond Builder
5 DM Lunge to 1st light post
10 DM Lunge to 2nd light post
15 DM Lunge to 3rd light post
20 DM Lunge to 4th light post
20 Big Boys while waiting on 6

Stage of Amphitheater
30 Ray Lewis 10 Merkins- On Q’s count
25 RL’s 8 Merkins
20 RL’s 6 Merkins
15 RL’s 4 Merkins
Shoulders Smoked & 1 Merlot

Erectors x 20 IC
One-Legged Erectors X 10 IC Each Leg
Train- 10 Burpees
Partner Plank/Sit Ups
Rosalita X 20 IC

Prayers for Gage, Rachel, Blue’s Mom, & All Service Men & Women
Jackalope 06/03
GoRuck 06/10

Great to see a good crowd this morning at #TheStation the Country Club AO. #Kotters to Biebs & Alfred 😉
Again no Iceman
KC, Bob Barker, SA, and No Bars crushed it. Bob Barker let out a few sooie pig calls so YHC knew it was a good workout. Blue had his normal case of #mumblechatter and cut off tank. Wax-On, Cockroach, Perry Mason, and Wally are leading the cause at #TheStation Keep it up men! Solid work by entire PAX. Truly a privilege to lead this group of men. You all make me stronger, Thank You. Let’s keep chiseling ourselves and holding each other accountable. #ISI

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