Tower of Terror full body blast

  • Workout Date - 02/10/2020
  • Q In Charge - Cocoon
  • The PAX - for Bootcamp: Soccer Mom, Lt. Dangle, Hot for Teacher, Cockpit, Turban, U.P., Rachel Ray, Guano, + for Monday Morning Mosey: Whisper, Road Trip, Church Lady
  • AO - Tower of Terror

Conditions: Clear, cool, around 34 degrees F


  • Side Straddle Hops ICx25
  • Imperial Walker ICx25
  • Windmills ICx20
  • Tempo Merkins ICx15
  • Mountain Climbers ICx15
  • Sprinkler ICx15

The Thang:

Grab 5 coupons, mosey to church parking lot, partner up.

  1. Partner 1: Goblet Squats X15 + Rows, 15 each side; Partner 2: lap.  Repeat for 2x
  2. P1:Block Swings X15, American Hammers X20 Double Count or till P2 returns.  P2:Lap.  Repeat for 2X
  3. P1:Colt 45’s with Tricep Extensions if time.  P2:Bear Crawl to curb, jog back. Repeat for 2X
  4. mosey to block wall.  P1: tricep dips. P2:backpedal to curb, jog back, repeat for 2x
  5. P1:split squats, P2:backpedal out, jog back/ repeat for each leg
  6. P1: OH press X10, Derkins X10.  P2:Lunge walk to curb, jog back.


  • Fifer Scissors ICx25
  • Febreeze up to 6 BBSU:30Air presses (crowd pleaser)
  • Windshield wipers, OYO 15

return coupons, mosey back to shovel flags and circle up

Announcements: Whisper is looking for a few runners for the Palmetto 200; Road Trip is looking for a couple runners for the Ville2Ville

Prayers for Lt. Dangles co-worker colonoscopy / Prayers for Church Lady’s M recovering from knee replacement

Iron sharpens Iron!  Thank you to all who made it out this chilly Monday morning


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