Tower of Terror – Block Party

  • Workout Date - 02/08/2016
  • Q In Charge - Bambi
  • The PAX - ACA, ATM, 3rd Base, Short Barrel, Tedadiah, Thumper, Sammy, Whisper, NamdYourOwnPriceTool (NYOPT), Officer Ponch, Soccer Mom
  • AO -

First let me start by saying that I can’t take credit for this post, which served to suck in a great way. While watching the Super Bowl, I began the process of devising a creative post, and quickly felt the need to copy versus create. I found Wally’s back blast, “For the non-Drifters”, which occurred at The Station on 2/6/16. It contained the exact exercises that I needed to punish a chiily 10 man PAX. So…thanks Wally…you hurt us more than you will know.

Warmup – run to get blocks.

Main thang – round 1.
Individual Dora with Blocks.  25 reps increments then run parking lot to opposite side and back. Continue to finish all reps in 25 rep increments/ run.

  • 50 overhead presses; 100 chest presses; 150 bicep curls; 100 block squats; 50 block LBC’s

Main thang – Round 2: Ladder down squats/merkins

  • Start with 20 each, then walk to next parking space, repeat with 19 each, all the way down to 0. We actually only made it down to 10 due to time.

Run back to flags. Mary.

  • A short Mary consisting of 10 plank jacks at full plank, followed by 10 plank jacks at 6-inches plank.

Prayers: Greg Gibbons making slow but good progress from Stroke. Sammy’s sister is having a baby. Whisper’s church marriage retreat was successful. Bambi’s daugher’s pneumonia.

Announcements: Whisper is running his 1st 5K, 2/27, Greenville 5K/Marathon…Sign up and join the run. GoRuck, April 23rd, 2/16 Hulk Smash Bday Q at Pitchfork, Prayer Rally w/ Franklin Graham (join Ponch).

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