Tour of Wren Middle

  • Workout Date - 09/28/2016
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Mr Belding, Francis, GI Jane, Blooming Onion, Abacus, Quaker, TBag, Whittle, Beanie Weenie, BOGO, Al Borland, Clarinet, Steamer, Little Engine Chuga Chuga, Partner, 12th Man, Fargo, FNG Austin Deneroy "Dinner Roll", Brown Shorts
  • AO -

I believe Quickie was originally scheduled to Q but he has injured his Achilles. YHC volunteered to step in. Most of the workouts I’ve been to here have basically stayed on the track. Let’s go and search for new areas to deposit our blood, sweat, and tears.

Disclaimer given for our FNG.


SSH, MC, Mericans, Windmill

We all know our way around the track. We need to find some new territory. Take a short mosey over to the middle school.

On the wall for some People’s Chair. 3 rounds 1:30 each with various arm exercises to mask the pain in your legs.

Over to the short set of stairs. Joe Hendricks 2×2 up the steps. Lunge walk down the ramp back to the bottom. Rinse/Repeat for 3 rounds. Crowd Pleaser.

Short mosey to front of the school. Someone chimes in that we’ve never been here before. Line up on the short wall for some Dips. 20 IC. On your six on top of the wall. No cheating here. Flutters x 20 IC. Off the wall for 20 IC Deep squats. 10 Mericans IC.

On our mosey I hear Steamer comment on the nice hill. Ok! Jacob’s Ladder. Bent. 1 Burpee at top, 1 at the bottom up to an audible 5:5.

Slow mosey back to the flag.


LBC, Reverse LBC, Dolly, Rosalita, Side crunch L and R, Plank Shoulder Touch all x 20 IC, hold 6 inches for 30 sec.


A- Hurricane Alley Fridays at 0515. Oct 22 Hyco 5k Anderson. Nov 12 HOPE Relay. Nov 19 Irreverent Warrior 22k walk.

P- T-Bag’s sister, Quickie’s sister and his injury, Padre’s injured knee, FlowRider, friends with marital problems, Brown Shorts mom recovering at home.

Always a pleasure!

Brown Shorts

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