Tour DeUpstate Stop #2 "The Burbs"

  • Workout Date - 06/04/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sushi
  • The PAX - Posh Spice, Punkin Spice, Earthmover, Cast-A-Way, Slapchop, 0.0, Schneider, Sushi (YHC)
  • AO -

Eight PAX were greeted with the Temptations “I Wish It would Rain” as they arrived at the Burbs this morning….Some by car, and some by foot with their rucks on their back.  This made YHC feel right at home as he usually passes the ruckers when arriving at Golden Strip.  Seeing three with Ruck sacks a half a mile away informed YHC that this is a group that is ready to go…Rain or Shine.  Thanks to Punkin Spice for letting me know where to plant my shovel flag and the general area of where to start the festivities.

Warm Up:

Just to make sure the PAX know how to count “Sushi” style we started with YOLEVEN Burpees in cadence with a focus on form.  25x Climb the Ladder was next followed by a quick lap around the church entrance, and the warm up concluded with 25x I.W.  A smart group at the burbs…the YOLEVEN counts were on target.  On to the playlist (available on iTunes…The Burbs)

The Thang:

Songs: Kung Fu Fighting (Carl Douglas), and Alive and Kicking (Simple Minds).

Horse Riding Stance Punches X 100

Front Rising Kick – Right X 24, Left X 24

Closing Kick – Right X 12, Left X 12

Ralph Machio – Right X 48, Left X 48…OK What is this you ask?  Stand on left leg and do a front snap kick with your right leg and don’t let your foot touch the ground.  The whole time with your arms spread out like a T.  Yes…like in the movie except 12x 4 count. Switch feet and repeat. Some mumble chatter from Earth Mover about YHC and a Sobriety Test here.

Another quick Lap around the church entrance then off to the cones.  Note to self, “no need to bring cones to the burbs, the parking lot is full of them.”  And…their cones are much bigger (Self Conscious???)  Songs: Mountain of Love (Johnny Rivers), Disco Duck Rick Dees), September (Earthmover Wind and Fire), Push It (Salt N Peppa)

Cones 20 yards apart: 10 Real Mountain Climbers (legs all the way forward) Bear Crawl to 2nd cone, 10 Merkins, Duck Walk to 3rd cone, 10 Crab Crunches, Crab Walk back to 2nd cone, 10 Merkins, Crab walk to 1st cone.  Repeato 2X

Song: Jump (Van Halen) – Right Leg hop to 2nd cone, Left leg hop the 3rd cone, Mosey back to 2nd cone, Broad Jump to 1st cone.  Repeato 3X  Sobriety test mumble chatter emerges again…hopping in a straight line??? For the record, YHC consumed no Captain Morgan last night!  All passed with flying colors and were cleared to drive or ruck home.

Song: White Lines (Grand Master Flash) – Lap around the church the long way…lots of painted white lines for parking spots….just sayin! Back to the bottom of the parking lot.

Songs: Get Up, Stand Up (Bob Marley and the Wailers), Coming in Hot (Peter Tosh), Tumblin Down (Ziggy Marley) – Run to the top of the hill, 10 squats, mosey down to bottom of the hill.  Repeato 4X

Circle up for Mary.  Songs: Hello Dolly (Louis Armstrong) Bicycle Race (Queen)

Shamrocks X 20, Hello Dolly X 20, Freddie Mercury X 20, Oblique V-Ups Right X 12, Left X 12

Prayer Requests: Requests made for Schneider’s friend, EM’s daughter, and Golden Sombrero.


YHC loved his second stop on the Tour DeUpstate.  This is a great AO and the boys at the Burbs are one group of in shape men.  They pushed hard on each exercise and made YHC think this would be a good place to come back to for a great workout.  Cinder Blocks…yes they have them there, and I hear pull-up bars are coming soon.  Thanks for the hospitality.  Guest Q’s will be greeted by PAX who are ready to give it their all and perform.





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