Tour de West End at Gideon House

  • Workout Date - 11/11/2015
  • Q In Charge - Inspector Gadget
  • The PAX - Bondo, Affordable Care Act, Caviar, Earthmover, PETA, Double Windsor, AFLAC, Squints, Inspector Gadget
  • AO -

YHC has thoroughly enjoyed posting at the newest Swamp Rabbit AO, Gideon House, these last six weeks. If you haven’t posted here, what are you waiting on? On-site free coffee courtesy of Bondo is just the icing on the PAIN cake at Gideon House.

This was the lucky 7th edition of Gideon House but the PAX was not so lucky, as they were not spared any PAIN on this Hump Day.


Arm Circles Front and Back IC 10

Windmills IC 20

Mountain Climbers IC 20

Plank Jacks IC 20

Mosey to Citgo Station grass – Count off in 1’s and 2’s for Seal Situps

Seal Sit-ups; IC 25

People’s Chair for 1 minute. Rinse and Repeat.

Mosey to Pendleton Street Baptist Church steps for 11’s before they tear it down.

11s with Lunges/ Butt Kicks – Double count on both

Mosey to Church Parking lot

Dips OYO 25

Derkins OYO 20

Air Presses IC 25

Monkey Humpers IC 15

Duck Walk about 100 feet.  Crab walk back. Rinse and Repeat.

Believe it or not, I did not know AFLAC would be posting, when I put Duck Walk on the pain list.

Merkins IC 5  Double Awful Style:  8 count down, 8 count hold 8 count up

Squats IC 5  Double Awful Style:  8 count down, 8 count hold 8 count up

 Indian Run back to Gideon House


Heels to Heaven IC 20




For 8 Mile @ F3 Greenwood for his transition from prison inmate to F3 Brother over the last three months!

ACA’s adoption progress. Two donations just as they were needed most. God is Great!

Prayer Requests:

YHC’s niece for healthy birth. Squints’ M, Tiffany for health issues.


11/19: Toys for Tots Convergence at Bon Secours Wellness Arena

11/14:  Hope Relay and Brick Run  for Nepal (Sherpa) project you can double down if so moved!

Coffeeteria at Gideon House afterwards.

As always, it was a pleasure and a privilege to lead this outstanding group of men!

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