Tour de Joe

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  • Workout Date - 05/28/2015
  • Q In Charge - No Strings Attached
  • The PAX - Dumbledore, Cockroach, NSA, Grrrr, Playdoh, Belford, Wally, iTunes
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YHC felt that his last few Qs were pretty weak sauce and the common theme seemed to be a lack of proper planning. His “on the fly” Qs of late just weren’t producing the drenched, gasping, and smoked demeanor YHC loves to see among the PAX. So, YHC prepared a very interesting, but slightly demented plan to achieve the results that foster benevolent loathing of the best Qs. Or the worst Qs, depending on one’s perspective. Best or worse, YHC is sure that such Qs feel they have something to prove, and YHC needed to prove to himself that he wasn’t weak sauce.


– 20 SSH, IC
– 20 mountain climbers, IC

The Thang:

According to YHC’s master plan, the PAX were set to start their Tour de Joe covering all of the significant Joe Hendrix venues available at #TheStation (and surrounding areas). The course was designed to keep the PAX moving and guessing, featuring an array of new scenery and innovative routes leading to familiar places.

The PAX began the Tour, moseying from warm-up, past the pond, to the stairs leading from the pond up to Cannon St.

– 20 big boy sit-ups, then Joe Hendrix up the stairs. Superman at the top waiting on the 6.

The PAX then moseyed up Cannon, took a right on Jason St. and stopped to complete Lt. Dan up to 4 squats, 16 lunges. The PAX then moseyed the rest of the way down Jason, crossed Main, and took a left until reaching the BB&T parking lot.

– 20 big boy sit-ups
– 20 flutter kicks (dc)
– mosey to the stairs at 1st Baptist, Joe Hendrix up the stairs, superman at the top. Rinse and repeat.

The mosey continued, crossing Poinsett and continuing down Miller, then a right on W. Church St. The PAX arrived at MUMC, entered the church campus and headed to the breezeway for The People’s Chair. Each PAX grabbed a column and held a wall sit while YHC called out various arm positions. The PAX recovered and headed around the FLC to grab some coupons.

Block work was as follows:

– 1 man maker, 1 overhead squat at the top of the man maker; 2 man makers, 2 overhead squats at the top of the 2nd man maker, 3, 4, 5.

There was some confusion about the structure of this drill; many of the PAX weren’t sure if they had completed the required reps so… Rinse and repeat. #mumblechatter The PAX then returned the coupons to their home and moseyed to the main MUMC parking lot for:

– 20 big boy sit-ups
– 20 flutter kicks (dc)
– 20 russian twist (dc)

At this point, many of the PAX wore expressions of what appeared to be a mixture of pain and dread as they realized what was next. Yep, 3X Joe Hendrix up the MUMC stairs. Although, it could have been worse: the MUMC stairs are one of the easiest places for Joe Hendrix in Greer. This was the place YHC first completed Joe all the way to the top, so he was feeling confident.

But first, YHC called for one more People’s Chair on the breezeway columns. After a few minutes holding various arm positions, the PAX reluctantly rounded the corner to the sanctuary steps.

Now YHC had a little chip on his shoulder because Playdoh (possible WD and definitely close to twice YHC’s age) had been powering through Joe (and pretty much every other aspect of the workout) all morning and had been leaving YHC and the rest of the PAX in the dust. YHC was determined to give him a run for his money on this last bout of Joe. Nope. Eerily similar to a scene from The Exorcist that terrified YHC as a child, Playdoh scrambled up the stairs like a crazed arachnid.

After what must have seemed like quite a long time to Playdoh, YHC reached the top and found him planking. YHC had forgotten to instruct the PAX to hold superman like he had planned but, oh well, shoulders were too smoked to hold superman anyways. So the PAX fell in and planked until the 6 reached the top. Rinse and Repeat X2.

The PAX crossed back over Main and headed down Jason for another Lt. Dan up to 4 squats, 16 lunges. After Lt. Dan YHC called for a time check. Lo and behold, it was 6:10. YHC’s plan had come together nicely. He then led the PAX on down to the spongy playground area.


– 20 flutter kicks, IC
– 20 freddie murcury, IC
– 20 erectors, IC
– 6 inches hold til time expires

Due to YHC’s neglect in note taking and putting off writing the BB for 4 days, details of the COT were lost in the wash. However, YHC recalls lots of meaningful discussion and disdain for the copious amounts of Joe Hendrix. All in all, YHC was satisfied with the results of the day’s #downpainment and honored to be part of the PAX that stepped up and met the #beatdown head on. Upon their introduction, YHC was sure that he and Joe Hendrix would be enemies forever, but after really getting to know old Joe a little better, he thinks they might be friends after all.

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