Tour de Garage

  • Workout Date - 03/13/2013
  • Q In Charge - Spurrier
  • The PAX - Ladka, Debit, Mary, Nippler, One Direction, Iceman, Brown Liquor, Wifi, Forrest, Slimfast
  • AO -

11 Pax posted for the inaugural Tour de Garage – a running tour of downtown parking garages with F3 downpainment mixed in for variety.
2 Pax posted late in the Gloom (they’ll incur no public shame this time), but better late than never.

SSH 23x
Mountain Climbers 11x
Imperial Walkers

Mosey (with a weave….Spurrier style) to Garage #1.
Up the ramps, with Sprints, Planks, Merkins and Squats intermingled throughout.

Mosey to Garage #2.
Up to the top again, with more Sprints, Planks, Merkins and Squats intermingled.
(Nippler goes down with a knee injury – hope it’s minor)

Mosey down and around the Fountain Of No Moving Water for Push-O-Rama.
Merkins, Werkins (wide hand), Marine Style (narrow hand, Sterkins staggered hands), Diamonds – all 10x.

Mosey to Garage #3.
Here we go again……more of the same.
Plus a bonus of Turkish Get-Ups (one-arm) 10x each side.
6MOM at the top (Q was late getting us there, so 3MOM). T/Claps to Debit for the Q.

Mosey back to Garage #1 for COT with Squats along the way to stay together.

Nice job boys!!!

St. Patty’s Dash and Bash is this Saturday at 0800. One Direction is EH’ing guys to go (wear the F3 gear!!). Go to to register.
Spurrier will Q for the rest of the Pax at Legacy Park at 0700.
There are 5 hard-commits to the Blue Ridge Relay in September (we need 9). Slimfast turns 40 during the race….hmmm, could be interesting. Tweet One Direction if you want to go. Cost is $129 per person.

Sounded like this morning was a crowd pleaser. Only 5 more garages to go.
Good to see Brown Liquor again, and welcome back Forrest.
Check up on Nippler – he had to withdraw after some knee problems (maybe sprinting up the ramps to beat One Direction).
Need some Pax to catch up with King Cake and others who haven’t posted in a while.

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