Tour de Alley

  • Workout Date - 08/22/2016
  • Q In Charge - Fargo
  • The PAX - BOGO, Whittle, 1230th Man, Flow Rider, Discount Double check, Clarinet, Al Borland, Mr Belding, Swift, BONGO, Quaker, (missed the name, he was from the Swamp at Anderson), FNG1 - Danny Noonan, FNG2 Beanie Weenie.
  • AO -

Fargo gave the PAX a tour of the neighborhood to see the many opportunities that exist for their pre-breakfast activities.

Warm Up

  • Side staddle hop
  • Imperial walkers
  • Wind mills
  • Mountain climbers (6 full leg changes before I felt they had enough)

The Thang

  • We exited the Alley and went for a mosy around the high school. At 4 stations we stopped to take a break while the last runner came in. To kill the time during these breaks we did Bobby Hurleys, burpees, mericans, and back presses. Then when the last runner arrived we did 10 more so that they didn’t feel left out. The fifth stop was at the lower entrance to the middle school. There is a nice set of stairs for the powder keg favorite – the Joe Hendrix. One JH then Berny Sanders on the hill until everyone finished up.
  • We finished the tour in time to do 7s on the bleachers. Pull ups below and LBC s on top. Then a short bit of Mary time.



  • Midnight flight 8/26
  • Spring water run 8/27
  • Whittlelope 10/22


  • T-Bag’s sister
  • 12 man’s brother
  • Seal and family
  • Fargo’s friend of friend

And thanks God for another morning when we can

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