TOT Run Around

  • Workout Date - 05/17/2021
  • Q In Charge - Cockpit
  • The PAX - Bootcampers: No Show, Turban, Franzia, Hump Day, Morningwood, Nightingale, Whisper, BM, Red Rider, Guano; Runnerds: Churchlady, EPO, Run Off
  • AO - Tower of Terror

Warm Up: SSH ICx25, Plank Jacks ICx20, Seal Jacks ICx15, Smurf Jacks ICx10


Laps around the block; 5 burpees OYO buy-in. 10 merkins at the first stop sign, 15 squats at the second stop sign, 20 box jumps at the wall, 25 double count plank jacks at the church, 30 big boys @ the Tower and then reverse it back to the tower, 25 plank jacks at the church, 20 box jumps at the wall, 15 squats at the stop sign, 10 merkins at the stops sign, 5 burpees at the Tower

Run to Shortfields for 11s – Dips and Derkins

Run to the ATM for 11s – squats and 4-ct plank jacks

Run to Temple for some NASCAR laps and pit stop drills

Run back to the Tower… the long way

Mary: box cutters IC, crab kicks IC, pickle pointers IC (scared the moped guy off?)


Announcements: Memorial Day Murph at Pitchfork; need to be more consistent w/ backblasts (self included)

Prayers: Church’s friend Bob passed. Prayers for is family; Others unspoken

SYITG – Cockpit