TornaDOE Warning at Pitchfork

  • Workout Date - 07/10/2015
  • Q In Charge - Bambi
  • The PAX - Bambi, Affordable Care Act (YHC), ATM, Whisper, Hulk Smash, Homeward Bound, Soft Serve, Macho Man, Look Out Below, Third Base, Hooch, Medulla Oblongata, The Situation
  • AO -

12 PAX woke up, tuned into the Weather Channel, saw Cantore on location in Five Forks, kissed their fartsack goodbye, and came anyway.  Man, I can’t believe Third Base would strand us like this after Beatdowns 1.0 and 2.0.  If I saw him right now I would…… Oh hey, Third Base!  No, we wouldn’t start without you!  Is everything alright?  Can I help you with those dumbells? 13 PAX now enter the Vortex!

Warm Up

Mission Plank:  Everyone hold plank position while repeating the F3 Mission Statement after our QIC, Bambi.  The cadence sounded familiar….

Thankfully, Gomer Pyle fartsacked today.

Carolina Dry Docks x 18 IC
Hillbillies x 20 IC.

The Thang

We had already done a mini ruck over to the infield to warm up.  Now we were in position to bring back Bambi’s #VortexOfPain.

1st Note:  There were far too many images to choose from when I googled “Deer in Tornado”.

2nd Note:  If I haven’t been red-flagged for my google searches since posting for F3, I’m actually disappointed in the NSA’s thoroughness.

First Installment (x30)

American Hammers
Lunges with Curls (transition)
Full Nelsons (four count clean and lift)
Lunges with Curls (transition) (3rd Note:  We need a name for this exercise.  Leave suggestions in the comment box)
Donkey Kongs (swinging kettlebell)
MC Hammers with upright rows (transition)
Machine Guns (individual bench press double count)
Bear Crawl (last transition to start)

Second Installment (x40)

Rinse and repeat but add an extra 10 this time, losers (don’t look at me, that’s what Bambi said… I think).


Dragging our tails back to our cars with 10 lb (I’m looking at you, Hooch) to 30 lb (great job, Macho Man) dumbbells.


Prayers for the healing of a three year old girl after accident.
Prayers for Whisper and Hulk Smash’s friend Richard.
Prayers for physical and spiritual healing.

Announcement:  Flay will have the Q tomorrow. You will not want to miss this. It’s his 2nd anniversary and he’s been asked to make it weird.

Ye Ol Moleskin

There was some mumblechatter on Twitter last night about tankinis… whoops, I mean tank tops being a trend for Friday Pitchfork workouts. Some of us embraced this idea. Heck, ATM even cut his favorite Charles In Charge shirt for this!  Some of us (who maybe started the mumblechatter) didn’t come through. I’ll let Look Out Below figure out who that is….

Great work, guys. Pleasure to share the gloom with all of you.



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  1. Lunges with curls – mine and Macho’s conversation this morning about what to call them…Lunges with curls…Third base said Lurles…sounds like girls, or lady curls…like Ladies Man…let’s call them Leon Phelps

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