Top Floor

  • Workout Date - 09/27/2016
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Weedwacker, Count, Caviar, Crash, Earthmover, Inspector Gadget, Grim Reaper, Dabo, PETA, FNG - Baby Gap, Satisfry, TBC
  • AO -

Apologies on the delay of this BB.  Most importantly, thanks to the PAX for keeping me honest and reminding me I didn’t post a BB.  #needtodobetter

YHC took the Q and wanted to get a full workout that hit the shoulders, legs, and core.  Total of 13 PAX with Dabo joining us from the low country and PETA’s neighbor finally taking the plunge and joining in on the fun.  Welcome to you ‘Baby Gap’.

Warm up
SSH X 15
Superman merkins X 15
Mtn Climbers X 20
Plank shoulder touches X 10

Mosey up main street

Stop at intersection
Merkins X 12
Mtn Climbers X 20
Knee to elbow while in plank – hold each side

Mosey up the stairs to the top of the parking garage behind Mast General

Lt. Dan
1 squat; 4 lunges
2 squats; 8 lunges
3;12, 4;16, 5;20 and then back down the ladder
*Random lady who parked her car on the top floor emerges confused as to what is going on…was not feeling the ‘good morning’ thrown her way

Shake the legs out by running down the stairs and not falling

Mosey down Main Street
*Say good morning to the news crew doing a live shot #CUT

Run down to Jimmy John’s, turn the corner and run to the top of that parking garage
– Bad move as the stairs are enclosed and very muggy when a bunch of schweaty guys run through them

Ab work
1 Big boy situp; 4 russian twists
2; 8..up to 5;20 and then back down
*Don’t make me list it all out

Mosey back down the stairs

At the bottom of the parking garage

Superman merkins X 10
Mtn climbers X 15
Plank shoulder touches X 10

Mosey to the back of the courtyard where Ice on Main is usually setup and line up
Hand release Burpees X 5
Bear crawl half way
Lunge walk the other Half
Joe Hendrix up the stairs

Mosey back to base

Dead cockroaches X 10
Box cutters X 10
Reverse box cutters X 10

Naked moleskin
– Jacob Hickman was not at the workout today…just thought it should be mentioned #halfcalfproblems
– F3 golf tourney Oct 20th.  Sign up and have a great time for a great cause
– Caviar still looking for people to a) run the Smokey Mountain relay on his team and/or b) sponsor one of the Gideon’s house guys and their spot on the team
– Gideon’s house having to change days because of their work schedule…looks like it will be Sunday at 6AM but will be more formally announced when final.  Only other option was Monday…
– Prayers for the things that weigh on our hearts

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