Today Show wakes up CBUS!

  • Workout Date - 04/01/2017
  • Q In Charge - Barracuda & Inspector Gadget
  • The PAX - Old & Grungy (Respect), David Altman (FNG) Savannah, Ryan Mack (FNG) Lauer, Inspector Gadget (Respect - Greenville, SC), Andrew Roberts (FNG) Hey Girl, Pyro, Bull Frog, Wojo, Downhill, Steve Portfield (FNG) Double Bogey, Van Damme (Respect), Kibbles, Spotlight, Tony Paco, Noah Madsen (FNG) Hello Kitty, Paul Braskett (FNG) Kournikova, Mariah, Grovetucky, Pyrenees (Respect), Rosemary, David Burnworth (FNG) Al Roker, Bo Schembechler, Barracuda (Charlotte)
  • AO -

23 foolish pax posted this gloomy April Fools Day for a circuit of pain around Antrim Lake.  A typical Columbus Saturday morning with a crisp, moist 40 degrees, and cloudy skies.  The third installment of F3 Columbus, 16 pax returned after Shatner & Scabby’s beatdown the previous week.  7 FNGs got a taste of the following:

The Thang

Quick mosey in upper parking parking lot.  After disclaimer, welcome, and introductions the painful fun began.


SSH x 32

Squat x 24

Merkin x 15

Jump Squats x 20

Mosey to lower parking lot


Merkins x 15

LBC’s x 24

Diamond Merkins x 15

Hold Plank 6 inches

Freddie Mercury x 24

Run under bridge to Dock benches

Incline plank and wait for the “six”

Incline Merkins x 15

Dips x 15

Split pax into 2 groups for circuit of pain around Antrim Lake (1.3 miles).  Barracuda went one way, Inspector Gadget the other way.  Met half way around lake and switched pax.

Barracuda’s Pax

“Post Office” Merkins x 15

Mosey to 50 Lunge walks

Mosey to Tabata (20 seconds exercise, 10 seconds rest).  3 minutes each of Merkins and LBCs.

Mosey to Mucho Chesto:  10 Merkins, 20 Merkins, 30 Merkins


From Bench, 25 lunge walks and run to trash can (100 yards).  Sprint AYG (All You Got) back to bench.  Repeato x 3.

Switch Pax

Inspector Gadget’s Pax

Mosey and hold Al Gore (aka Tree Huggers) for 1 minute

Lt. Dans (“ain’t go no legs)

1 squat followed by 4 lunges

2 squats followed by 8 lunges

Continue up to 5 squats, 20 lunges


Freddie Mercuries x 20

Plank Shoulder Touches x 10

Big Boy Sit-Ups OYO x 12

Mosey for Iron Hulk

1 Merkin followed by 4 air presses

2 Merkins followed by 8 air presses

Continue up to 5 Merkins an 20 air presses

Reconnect on dock for 20 step-ups OYO, Dips x 10

Mosey back to shovel flag for COT


  • YHC and Inspector Gadget were honored to be among this great CBUS pax. (16 veterens, 7 FNGs)
  • 4 of 7 FNGs came after seeing last Saturday’s Today Show story on F3.  They googled F3 Columbus and found us 7am Antrim Park.
  • Pyro and FNG Lauer each drove 40 minutes. Headlock (EH) your friends and clown car.
  • Old & Grungy posted with an injured hamstring.  After giving it the old college try, OnG had to hit “pit row” for a self-led workout.  Keep posting, brother!
  • Antrim Park is great AO with tons of options.  Given the gloomy, soggy, muddy fields, we kept it on the pavement and gravel path around the lake.
  • T-claps to Van Damme for supporting and sticking with the “Six”
  • The “Hate Hate’s” (20 year-olds) will need room to run.
  • Coffeteria at Tim Horton’s.
  • Keep posting and bringing FNGs!


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