TobaccoRoad Speedway

  • Workout Date - 02/04/2016
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - Floyd, Cho choo, Bones, Amphibious, Cha Chi, Sweater Vest, FNG "Nair", Sweats, DVR, Misery, Earthmover (QIC, WD)
  • AO -

YHC has been a guest enough times with the #churham PAX that I feel the need to give back occasionally and Q a workout. This time @Floyd accepted my offer to Q the Thursday #TobaccoRoad workout with F3Durham.

The Thang

10 for 5 – 10 burpees EMOM for 5 mintutes #crowdpleaser. Nothing like 50 burpees on the wet pavement to get your morning started off right!!

I decided to bring out one of my all time least favorite workouts originally dreamed up by @Chaser then brought to SwampRabbit by @Flay – The Speedway.

It is +- .25 mile around the parking lot loop at Herndon Park. Partner up (1 team will have 3) for Speedway.

5 minute AMRAP – Partner 1 runs the loop while Partner 2 performs 10 HR Merkins and 10 Jump Squats AMRAP

Recover with 50 double count flutters – PAX had some trouble counting these 50 each side, 1231, etc. #Dookmath

Rinse and repeat 5 rounds. Timing worked out so that first runners would get in 2 laps. Last round went long as each partner ran twice.

Strava says I did 7 laps. Some pax may have gotten in 8.

10 WWII situps OYO
15 Erectors (Bruno Mars) IC
20 Dollies IC
10 WWII situps OYO

March 13 “The Bull
Welcome FNG “Nair”

Always a pleasure hanging out with the #churham pax. Great group of guys who always have a warm welcome for this old guy from SC.



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