To Your Stations!

  • Workout Date - 10/21/2014
  • Q In Charge - The Tickler
  • The PAX - Murdock, LingLong (FNG), Tricycle, Sushi, 1D, Tesh, WiFi, Donut, Furtile, Whiff, Gymboree, Sadiq, Skin so soft, Padre, Retread, The Tickler
  • AO -

Golden Strip faithful…

1D (#dedicated) planted the shovel flag and 16 strong men (including 1 FNG) got down to business! 5 of which joined us after Rucking for an hour!

We started with a prayer that God would sustain us through the pain…



Burpees x10

SSH x30

IW x30

LBCs x20

Burpees x10

The Thang:

Lap around the parking lot

Mosey to the back playground

Split up into 4 groups for stations around the playground…

  • Station 1: Pull-ups x10
  • Station 2: Merkins x15
  • Station 3: Curls x20
  • Station 4: Dips x25

Repeato x3!!!

New Stations!

Groups of 4 new stations

  • Station 1: Jump Lunges x20
  • Station 2: Flutters x30
  • Station 3: Air Squats x20
  • Station 4: LBCs x30

Repeato x3!!!

Mosey to the front fire lane

2 groups

  • 50yd Team relay sprints with 20 pound dumbbell as baton
  • Losers buy coffeeteria
  • Winners have bragging rights


6 MOM:

Crunches x10 (all 4 count)

LBCs x10

Extended right leg crunches x10

Extended left leg crunches x10

Opposite foot reach x10

Opposite elbow to knee – L & R x10

Crossfit sit-ups x20


– Welcome FNG PJ (LingLong) sells tires for Yokahama (Japanese), but we named him after the Chinese company LingLong!

– Continued prayer for MachoMan’s dad as he is in final stages with Parkinsons

– Continued prayer for Josiah and his family

– Prayer for the Tickler’s mother-in-law (Bobbie) and family

– Upcoming opportunity the Thursday.  Let there be Mom breakfast, lunch and dinner (

– Need to headlock some more FNGs

Peace out!

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