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  • Workout Date - 09/03/2015
  • Q In Charge - Uber
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

Warm Up


20 Merkins

20 Mountain Climbers

10 Lunges

The Thang:

Introduce the pax to their coupons for the morning. I had the good fortune to notice a bunch of tires next to a discount tire dumpster. I asked if they were gonna throw those away? No, I was told and I couldn’t hold back a sinister little sneer when I asked if I could have a few.   So I showed up with 13 large truck tires and 2 smaller car tires. I figured I would be considerate and offer the car tires to the 60+ yr old pax. However Banjo declined my gesture and opted for a truck tire anyhow. Those little car tires started to look real good just ten minutes later.

So we partnered up and began a warped version of Dora.

1 partner does man ups (there was a construction dumpster available for these) while the other pushes his tire (pancake style) about 50 yrds and back. Switch until you have completed 100 man ups. ~ We had to audible and carry the tires back instead of pushing them back after going out 50yrds. YHC thought that on damp grass those tires would glide, but the tire moved like it was in sand – damn Michelins.

1 partner holds plank jumping your feet into the tire and outside the tire. Every jump inside of the tire counts as one rep. Other partner picks up tire, pancake throws it (no rolls), then burpie broad jumps to it. 50 yrds. Carry it back and switch. 200 reps ~ No way around it, this sucks and the #mumblechatter confirmed it. I was fortunate to have Posh Spice as a partner as he can really knock these out.

1 partner starts with tire on ground, curls it, and lifts it over head (like picking up a small child and lifting them up). Other flips tire, bear crawls to it, flips tire, bear crawls, for about 50 yrds. Carry it back and switch. 300 reps. ~ YHC was pretty smoked about half way thru this and judging by how hard the pax were bouncing the tire off the ground to get it overheard, some other pax were feeling it too.

We rolled the truck tires back to my truck and loaded it up.

BOM/COT – prayer for Hardhat’s brother (& Banjo’s son) who is serving as a missionary in Ethiopa.

Thanks for letting me experiment with a tire Q at the Burbs. It was a pleasure leading it. Gotta say the tires have great potential for future workouts and they check two important blocks: functional and free.


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