Timing is Everything….

  • Workout Date - 12/02/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Grrr, Bagman, Johnny5, SlapChop, Homeward Bound, Alfred, Iceman
  • AO -

7 men posted at #RunaWaze effectively giving #Cantorre the #middlefinger.

The Thang:

Mosey down to Enoree Baptist Church
Partner up (split up reps however you choose)
100 derkins
100 side lunges

Fast mosey down Old Spartanburg to Friendship Presbyterian Church
Partner 1 – plank
Partner 2 – old school suicides out to the 5th line
Flapjack and repeato
@Grr informed us that @BlueHawaii was #fartsacking and @NSA was on the toilet. Them Greer boys are tight

Mosey through parking lot then backwards mosey the last 200 yds

Take a right on S. Batesville, stopping at the Fire Station
80 flutters (DC)
80 dollys (SC)
split reps between partners. Most teams split reps evenly, except for @SlapChop……who wanted @Alfred to take %70. I thought it was a legit request since @Alfred’s body should be rested and ready to go. He didn’t agree. Then @Grrr made some comment about blocks and #soccerarms with @Alfred threatening to revoke all of our F3App user rights….

Mosey back to BVES and that’s lap 1.

Complete the circuit a second time adding some core work at stops 2 and 3. I learned that @Grr and @SlopChop really like single leg flutters and dollys

Once back to BVES we circled up – dealers choice (any exercise you want).
Billy Idols
Freddy mercury
Slow Ct merkins
Smurf Jacks
Something @Johnny5 made up
Superman merkins


Naked Moleskin
– Timing is everything. Right as COT ended, the rain started to fall….
– YHC has been dragging lately. Feeling tired and worn down. If not for F3 and the accountability, no doubt I’d be #fartsacking.
– #Tclaps to @Grrr for coming out after a tough Tues workout at #TheStation
– Good to see @Alfred and that he figured out the riddle that was his #alarmclock, thus escaping the clutches of the #Fartsack.
– @Bartman told me via text he was 70/30 for showing up this morning. Me thinks he got his ratio backwards…..

– @Grrr’s neighbors infant child
– @Homeward Bound’s sister (mission trip)
– @Iceman’s coworker (cancer)
– @Bartman as he travels internationally

– #Pitchfork convergence on 1.1.16
– 5yr convergence in CLTon 1.1.16
– Drifter will be here before you know it

See ya in the gloom…


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