Time to go to Work!

  • Workout Date - 03/21/2023
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Pumpkin, Posh spice, Caviar, Clowney, Billy Mays, Blue Crush, Clapper, Epee, Stewie, LIBOR, EC, Slim, Bubba Gump, TurboTax, Domer Simpson, Iceman
  • AO -

*Emotional Notation:  YHC really has to say how amazing it is to lead a workout for you MEN.  Each workout at F3 is an inspiration to see everyone out there giving it a great effort.  After all…why else would we wake up at 5AM?  Keep on doin’ work!

Nuff of that – 17 men faced the gloom with sore legs, only to find out that their daily down PAINment was going to keep the burn focused on the lower half.  YHC had heard enough ‘requests’ for some leg work and felt the need to comply.  I’m assuming the overall quietness of the PAX was a sign that there may be some trouble moving around tomorrow.

Warm Up:
SSH x 30
IW X 20
High Knee Jumps x 20 OYO

Mosey to the parking deck above the bus station

The thang:

Dora 4-6-8
YHC didn’t want any competitiveness to take its toll on form, so instead of doing Dora based upon reps, we did it based upon time.  PARTNER UP!
You know how to do Dora…i’m not going to explain it…
4 Mins – Merkins
6 Mins – Mountain Climbers
8 Mins – Air humpers (Spongebob favorite which got the glutes firing on all cylinders this AM and is sure to please the M’s).

Circle up for Jack Webb Legs edition
1 double-count lunge (1 right/1left)
2 Squats
2 Double-count lunges
4 Squats
All the way up to 7 double-count lunges/14 Squats
**Side note:  About halfway through, I realized my explanation was way too confusing and could have explained it as – 2 lunges, 2 squats…4 lunges, 4 squats…etc.  It’s too early in the AM for confusion

1 Lap SPRINT around the parking deck

Circle up for Planks with everyone
Right arm up
Right Leg up
Down and hold
Repeat for left side

Mosey back to Peace Center

Pendulums X 10 (Pumpkin’s favorite)  #Dontknockituntilyoutryit
Russian Twists X 20
Pendulums X 10
LBCs X 20
Pendulums X 10
Flutters X 20
Pendulums X 10

Naked Moleskin:
– Great work by everyone!  I tried to do time-based stuff rather than repitition based.  It is apparent we are not the most coordinated bunch…
– Mile Time trial tomorrow at Ring of Fire 0515 – Greenville High.  Good place to get a baseline.  If you consider yourself a slow runner – this will help immensely.  “You have to run fast to run fast”.
– May 17th = Anderson Mudrun (5k).  2nd year for it.  Can form 2,3, or 4 person teams.  Domer and his M are looking to finish out their coed team with another couple
– Spartanburg Launch continues.  Ice and Flay have the Q.  Come out and see a great AO!
– Couple slots left for GORUCK on 6/14
– 2 Spots left for BRR teams
Prayers for Clapper as he and his wife are going through the adoption process
Prayers for Ice’s dad and his health

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