Thus Spoke Zarathustra

  • Workout Date - 11/06/2014
  • Q In Charge - 00 (Double Aught)
  • The PAX - Oui Oui, Slapchop, Stuart Smalley, Mallwalker, Wrinkle, Slumlord, THE Hardhat, Billy Ray, 00
  • AO -

In advance of today’s workout, YHC tweeted a couple of inspirational quotes, such as “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Nietzsche, not Kelly Clarkson.

Axiom 1: When you tweet about Nietzsche, you will get new Twitter followers who are really in to Nietzsche.

YHC probably would have fartsacked today had I not committed to Q, as I am feeling a little under the weather. Nevertheless, 8 other brave souls posted in spite of my Nietzsche tweet.

Smurfjacks x 10 IC
IW x 10 IC
Mountain climbers x 10 IC

The Thang: Run to the School for a partnered-quasi-Murph. I keep hearing rumors about getting some pullup equipment at the Burbs’ home base, but so far, only rumors. Partner up. First exercise is a partner pullup/frog lunge superset. Team goal is 100 pullups, with the other partner doing frog lunges. When you can’t do anymore pullups, switch. The frog lunges count as rest.

Axiom 2: 100 combined pullups is hard.

After that superset, another partner superset of 200 merkins with flutters. Switch when you can’t do any merkins. Team goal of 200.

Everyone does 300 perfect squats – audible out for time. There is more to do. The Hardhat still managed well over 200. Run back to MRPC, stay with your partner. Some mumblechatter about running after the squats.

One partner does straight-leg deadlifts with a cinderblock while the other does a Joe Hendricks with 3 bodybuilders at the top. I think everyone did three sets of this. To loosen the shoulders, we then proceeded with a 40 yard plank walk and then some shoulder touches in cadence.

Axiom 3: Your form will try to get sloppy. Don’t let it.

Run back to the circle for 1 minute of six inches, with some Freddie Mercurys, LBCs, and then some elbow to regular plank in cadence to finish out the time. I do not want to hear about your scraped elbows.

COT: Prayers for Grit’s family. Prayers for Wrinkle’s family with in-laws moving to town and new family dynamic.

Axiom 4: You will not get any better unless you push your limits.

I joked about doing Joe Hendricks for 45 minutes. There is no reason why that shouldn’t be possible.

00 Out.

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