Thursday at theburbs

  • Workout Date - 06/23/2016
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - THE (Formerly known as THE Hardhat, WB), Billy Ray, ZipIt, Earthmover (QIC, WD)
  • AO -

4 of SwampRabbit’s finest rolled to #theburbs on a warm Thursday morning. #kotters to ZipIt for returning to the gloom!

Here’s what went down:
Willie Mays Hayes
SSH #required

Each pax procures 2 bricks from the brickpile. Head over to the #portecochere for instructions. Partner up
Round 1 – Partner 1 runs lap around the church (with bricks) +-.3 mile while Partner 2 lunge walks. P1 catches P2 then flapjack
Round 2 – P1 runs, P2 reverse lunge. Flapjack
Round 3 – P1 runs, P2 peoples chair. Flapjack
Round 4 – P1 runs, P2 OH press with bricks. Flapjack
Round 5 – P1 runs, P2 wall step ups. Flapjack

Bunnyhop up the #joesteps. Head back to the brickpile. Return bricks, grab a block.
20 curls OYO
20 kettlebell swings OYO

Glute bridge variations
BB situps

F3Dads July 16
ZipIt’s 40th birthday Q upcoming in July. Stay tuned for details
Hardhat now wants to be known simply as “The”. I assume a symbol is next!
Prayer Requests – BillyRay’s mom, all the unspoken requests

Always a pleasure! SYITG


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