Three Apples Tall

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
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  • The PAX -
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29 men (including 8 FNGs) resisted the urge to fartsack and gathered together in the gloom to do their best smurf impressions.  Wesley Pipes was unable to join us, but rest assured that he will be back soon.  Two flags were planted, but one dropped shortly into the warm-up.  Drop with it, 1D.

papa smurf lifts weights and rides a bicycle

The Thang


20 SSH

16 Seal Jacks

15 Imperial Walkers

21 Smurf Jacks

10 Merkins

1 minute of Spider Mans (OYO; slow stretch)


Flutters x 31

Plank (Center, Right, Left)

Flutters x 31


Hello Dollies x 16

Right Side Dolly x 8

Left Side Dolly x 8

Bicycles (4 Rounds: 30 seconds on, 15 seconds rest)

Mosey Over to the Small Pond

Elevens (10 Derkins, 1 Dip, 9 Derkins, 2 Dips, etc.); Early finishers do plank medley (Center, Right, Left)

Mosey Down to the Bottom of the Big Hill

Split into two groups

Round 1: Group One sprints to the top of the hill and back while Group Two does Smurf Jacks


Round 2: Beat Your Boots

Round 3: Burpees

Round 4: Lunge in Place


Mosey to the Big Pond

Group One Sprints around the pond while Group Two does Jack Webbs

Flapjack, Rinse and Repeat; Early finishers are able to plank


Mosey to the Small Hill

Side lunges to the top of the hill, alternating between high and low lunges

Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to Back Parking Lot

The People’s Chair (arms out, inward circles, outward circles)

Grand Finale (Four Minutes, Non-stop)

1 minute of Hand-Release Merkins

1 minute of  BW Squats

1 minute of Burpees

1 minute of Sprints (Out and Back)

Mosey Back to Flags

T-Claps to the Pax for joining One Direction for the 13 burpees he incurred at the start of the workout.


Naked Moleskin

– Smurftastic showing by 8 FNGs; Respect

– Haggis (F3 Charlotte) made a strong showing, as well.  We were thankful for his presence, and we hope he will join us again soon.

– We opened with an acknowledgement of Agony’s recent post in the Convergence, and we challenged each other to live our lives with no reservations, no retreat, and no regrets.  Embrace the hard!

– We closed with the following Bible passage (2 Peter 1: 5-8):

“…along with your faith, manifest also a noble character; along with a noble character, knowledge; along with knowledge, self-control; along with self-control, power of endurance; along with power of endurance, godliness; along with godliness; brotherly affection; and along with brotherly affection, love.  If these things exist in you, and continually increase, they prevent your either being idle or unfruitful in advancing towards a full knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ”.


– There is a benefit upstairs at Barleys on Monday, September 23 at 6:00 pm.  $20/person (children are welcome until 9pm – when the upstairs is 21 and over); includes beer, apps, live music, and a silent auction.  All proceeds go towards the Challenge to Conquer Cancer Ride ( It is a great group to support, and it would be a great opportunity for some 2nd F.

– Several of us have signed up for the Spartan Beast Race in Winnsboro, SC on November 9th.  F3 has 50 spots reserved at a $74 discount, but those spots are being filled quickly.  Please use the following link to join us:  It will be an opportunity for Fitness, Fellowship, and definitely prayer!





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