Three Amigos Twora

  • Workout Date - 12/22/2015
  • Q In Charge - Third Base
  • The PAX - Elmer, Puma, and YHC (the few the proud and not made of sugar).
  • AO -

So yesterday was Monday, and we all know what that means: Golden Strip needs a Q. As I pulled into the GS gloom, caught Elmer pulling out. Once he saw I was parking he reversed and came back down to join me. At about 5:28 one more PAX joined us in the gloom senior Puma. This is pretty sad for GS: 1. It was not even all that cold. 2. This is normally a popular AO. Come on Golden Strip we are better than this. Are we waiting on new years resolutions before we decide to come back out. (coming down off soap box). This work out will be my goto Q when no one has stepped up to lead, however, the reps will increase every time. This has potential to be a great suckfest. Ah I digress here is what we three amigos did in the gloom under the covered walk way.

25 x SSH
25 x IW

The Thang
Twist on Dora 2,3,4
3Pax per team, luckily this is all we had: #perfect.
Round 1 200 reps
PAX 1 hold plank
PAX 2 Merkins
PAX 3 Run a length of breeze way down and back

PAX 3 then would take PAX 1 place, PAX 1 would pick up where PAX 2 left off,and PAX 2 run, then wash, rinse, repeat.

Round 2 300 reps
PAX 1 hold Banana/Canoe
PAX 3 Run a length of breeze way down and back

Round 3 400 reps
PAX 1 Peoples’ Chair
PAX 2 Squats
PAX 3 Run a length of breeze way down and back

30 x Fluters (4 count)
AMRAP Burpees (cause I need the numbers) 1min on 1 min rest x 2 rounds (grand total 30)

Prayers for all those that are experiencing difficult times during this time of year. As well as all those that have lost loved ones.

The breeze way is deceptively long, what one would think is a short run, turned out to be brutal.
Please come join us in the gloom here next week. I have Q at TOT on Christmas Eve Morning should be another wet one.

We will see you all again soon somewhere in the gloom.

Later Days,
Third Base

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