Those Blufftonites were at it again!

  • Workout Date - 10/04/2023
  • Q In Charge - Judge Judy
  • The PAX - Flash, Gambit, 12 Gauge, Stones, Buckeye, Governor , Judge Judy-Q
  • AO -


side straddle hop (I think that is the name) – 20 Count
Imperial Walkers – 15 Count

The Thang

Three sets of:
Run .44 miles
25 Merkins
25 crunches
25 burpies
25 air squats
plank until everyone completes

-Flutter kick (laying on back, legs off ground, rotate lifting each leg) – 15 Slow Count
-Heel tap (I do not know what it is called – sit up position but with heels to butt, rotate touching each heel with hand) – 20 Plus Count
-Rocketman/superman – laying on stomach, reach arms out front (superman), lifting shoulders (which scott made sure to remind us to do) for 10 Count, bring arms back (rocketman) for 10 Count, Repeat x1. Maybe we should call this one the Elton John (that could be weird though, not sure I want to lay on my belly and do the “Elton John”)

We had 7 guys there, no FNGs
COT- and discussion on launch- May 2

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