This sounded good while planning.

  • Workout Date - 02/04/2016
  • Q In Charge - Slick Willy
  • The PAX - Grr, Waco, Alfred, Spring Break, Erector, Wally, Highway Man, Almond Joy, No Bars, Bio Freeze, Iceman, Cockroach, YHC
  • AO -


SSH X 20

Train comes by so we have to get our tickets punched with 10 burpees. PAX expressed great joy at doing this in the soggy grass.

Okay, it might have been a bit muddy, several PAX including YHC experienced some traction control issues.


Not sure how many we actually did because YHC, being a N00B, goofed up the count which caused some mumble chatter amongst some of the PAX. YHC said “Fine, whatever,” and grabbed his water bottle and led the PAX to the amphitheater.

The Thang

YHC likes AMRAP. So we did AMRAP. And we did AMRAP again.

Partner up for AMRAP relay. P1 does reps while P2 runs to the fountain for 10 dips then runs back.

Each PAX did one set on each tier of the amphitheater:



Incline Merkins (Irkins?)

Repeat all the way to the top which worked out to each exercise done three times.

Once we reached the top we had to get down. Same format except this time at the fountain the PAX did 10 squats. The pattern going down was Plank, LBC, then Flutter. Not much mumble chatter but it was good to see the PAX pushing each other to go faster.

Next, mosey to the big field for catch me if you can. The idea here was to start in the middle of the field and P1 run backwards while P2 does 10 merkins then sprint to catch P1. Once caught, P2 then changes direction and runs backwards (towards where he come from) while P1 drops for 10 and sprints to catch P2.

Still had time left so we moseyed over to the playground for more fun. Since we worked the upper body and abs it was time to get in some leg work.


100 split squats left

100 split squats right

200 prisoner squats

P1 cranks out the reps while P2 runs a lap, tag, repeat.

PAX finished up right on time, might have had a minute or less but everyone was done at this point.



Feb 13 downtown Greenville convergence

Praise: Wally has a new job!

Prayers for Gabby and Ford battling illnesses

Naked Moleskin:

I truly enjoy my turn at Q and bringing my own flavor to the gloom, I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

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