"This one goes to 11…"

  • Workout Date - 10/04/2023
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Aye, gentlemen. There’s only one way to start the week off right, and that’s with a tidy little beatdown at MOAB. This week’s installment was hosted by YHC, we hope it did not dissappoint. 8 Hardmen planted the #shovelflag at the parking lot of old JL Mann and got to it. We didn’t go far, but we got a lot done


SSH x 20

IW x 20

The Thang (Circle of Pain)

Here’s how it worked. It’s 11/11, so we couldn’t resist doing 11s of all the stuff we hate most (everything but running, basically). Each pair of exercises was done as 11s (i.e. 10+1, 9+2, 8+3, etc. Each time adding up to 11). Everybody had a kettlebell/dumbell for the weight exercises. Those that forgot were provided with a cinder block by YHC.

Burpees/LBCs  #makesurethatwarmupsticks

Squats/Flutters (4 ct)

Merkins/Military Presses with weight (#smoker. #Tclaps to Grit and Dexter for banging it out with a cinder block)

Mountain Climbers (2 ct)/Russian Twist with weight (2 ct)

Kettlebell Swings/Tricep extensions


In/outs x 20

Backscratchers x 22


  • VEEEEEERY quiet this AM, with very little #mumblechatter. We’ll chalk that up to several cases of the Mondays as well as what YHC feels was a pretty tough set of circuits. We’re very happy to have our “aero” hairstyle because lifting our arms to shampoo up seems like it’ll be a challenge in the next couple of days #shouldersmoker
  • One exception to the lack of #mumblechatter: 1D mentioned a devotional he was listening to on the way over about how we should all see each new challenge not as an obstacle but an opportunity to improve ourselves and our faith. Something for us all to keep in mind when that #fartsack is calling, when that next rep seems to be too much, there’s a hassle at work, or an issue at home . You can always do more. #foodforthought
  • Serious #Tclaps to 1 Direction and Electric City for not #smartsacking after the Beast. #hardsacking?
  • Prayers for Padre, as he has an MRI to check up on something today
  • Prayers for Spicoli. His biopsy is coming up and we remain faithful that he will have a path back to health

Lastly, we neglected to mention it in COT, but it’s Veteran’s Day. Thanks to all who have served and are serving. We wouldn’t be here without you.

3 thoughts on “"This one goes to 11…"”

  1. Great workout this morning.

    The principle you shared is this:

    We should view a challenging day or tough circumstances as a time to rely on God’s power even more.

    Good stuff.

    See ya in the gloom!

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